Watch the Fastest 2 Men Doing 24.3 Side-by-Side


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Wow, watching these 2 amazing athletes perform 24.3 side by side is very satisfying!

The CrossFit Open throws grueling workouts at athletes around the world, testing their strength, stamina, and mental grit.

But when two of the competition’s top athletes go head-to-head performing the same workout, it’s a can’t-miss event for CrossFit enthusiasts.

This video from The Barbell Spin features Jonne Koski and Colten Mertens, two CrossFit Games hopefuls, battling it out in 24.3.

Before we dive into their performances, let’s get to know these two CrossFit stars.

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Jonne Koski is a rising talent from Finland. He placed 10th in the 2023 CrossFit Games and is known for his well-rounded skills and competitive spirit.

Colten Mertens is a veteran of the CrossFit scene, with a 13th place finish at the 2020 Games under his belt. Mertens is known for his incredible engine and never-say-die attitude. With both athletes vying for a spot at the CrossFit Games this year, their performance in 24.3 is sure to be a close one.