Looking At : May 5 2024


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Looking At : May 5 2024

Binoculars At Echo Point, Blue Mountains
Echo Point, Blue Mountains.During the past week we’ve discussed a number of great links; on Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter) and so on. here are a few of my favourites.

  • Country Icon Randy Travis Returns With AI-Generated Single After Stroke Recovery : Very interesting indeed. Wonderful in this case, though it certainly raises a few questions.
  • One Of Google’s AIs Designs ‘Lower Cost’ Drugs : The process is less expensive, not necessarily the medications themselves.
  • A Unique Method For Deactivating Tumor-Suppressing Genes : Providing insights on how nutrition and metabolic disorders like diabetes affect cancer risk.
  • How Much Time Should A Person Spend Exercising? : Peter Attia explains.
  • Google’s New ‘Med-Gemini’ Surprises Doctors : Yes, Google has yet another medical AI – and it’s good.

We also discussed : Microplastics found clogging human arteries; mRNA cancer vaccines and a whole lot more.

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This post first appeared on Straight to the Bar. Written by Scott Bird.