Jesus is Better Than My Dreams for the Future


Its easy to say Jesus is better. But to really live like it? Now, that is the real test.

In the spring of last year, God laid it on my husband’s heart to pursue full-time ministry…in Utah.

My entire adult life has been spent in warm, sunny Florida. It’s home. There are pretty beaches. And southern hospitality. And did I mention warm beaches? Our family is here. Our church family and friends are here. My children’s best friends are here.

When I pictured our future, I pictured us planting roots and watching grandkids play in the yard our kids play in now.

But God has a way of making us uncomfortable. Not in a “let me do this to you” kind of way. But in an “I want to use you to further my kingdom. I want to grow you and sanctify you. Are you willing to give up everything to partner with me in sharing the gospel?” kind of way.

Gods call for my family to move Utah invited me to pull out not only the winter clothes buried deep in storage bins but also the idols and expectations I clung to so tightly.

This move would change everything about our lives. So, even I laid my heart out before God, I still fought it.

I wrestled. I cried. I begged. I justified. I pleaded for another way.

Can I just stay here and minister to my current community? And yes, of course, I could.

We are all called to share the gospel in our everyday lives, in our coming and going. But the harvest is plenty, and the workers are few.

For my family in particular, God reminded us that there are people in Utah ready to hear and respond to the gospel message, but there are not enough people giving up their comfort to go.