Grace Walton Wins the CrossFit Games 2024 Open


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After months of rigorous training and dedication, Grace’s moment has arrived. Positioned at the top of the global leaderboard, her commitment to the sport is clear.

Today’s challenge, the strenuous 24.3 workout, promises to push her limits. Grace recognizes the crucial balance between speed and strategy. Letting anxiety set the pace could spell disaster, while cautiousness risks losing valuable time.

The atmosphere is electric with anticipation. As her coach offers last-minute strategies, the weight of expectations could be overwhelming, but Grace focuses on the task at hand: to execute with precision, maintain intensity, and conquer the workout ahead.

Just a few years earlier, her raw talent in her first RX competition had already hinted at her potential greatness.

Her coach, struck by her exceptional ability, foresaw her ascendancy in the sport, predicting she would go far and she has not disappointed.

Acknowledging her nerves, she approaches today’s workout with measured determination.

Grace is acutely aware of the finer strategic points: swift transitions, conserving energy, and keeping a cool head.

It’s a performance crafted from experience and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, and as Grace prepares to face the pain and pressure of the workout, her focus is unyielding.

Key Takeaways

  • Balancing strategic planning with competitive intensity is crucial for optimal performance.
  • Experience and coaching insights play a pivotal role in athlete preparation.
  • Success is measured by the ability to manage both physical exertion and mental pressure.

Current Standings in the Competition

In the midst of a fiercely competitive season, Grace stands out with her impressive performance, currently leading the global rankings. Her dedication and hard work are evident as she tackles the recent challenge, Workout 24.3.

This intense workout includes five rounds of 10 thrusters and 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups, followed by a one-minute rest, and then five rounds of seven thrusterswith a heavier weightand seven barbell-facing burpees.

With a mindful approach to pacing, Grace is focused on finding the right balance.

She’s determined not to exert herself too quickly in the initial five rounds, which could jeopardize her performance in the latter half. Similarly, she avoids a pace that’s too slow, which would equally undermine her overall time.

Her strategy is to start out at a steadier pace, slightly slower than her instinct suggests, allowing her to reserve energy for the second, more grueling part of the workout.

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With her sights set on the CrossFit Games qualification, Grace remains unfazed by the leaderboard, emphasizing that her goal is not simply to win the Open, but to continually improve and achieve her long-term objectives.

During the workout, she demonstrates remarkable composure and athleticism, reflecting the talent noticed in her at her first RX competition, merely eight months after starting CrossFit.

Her coach, who identified her as a unique talent early on, continues to support her journey as she now stands at the forefront of the leaderboard, a testament to her hard work and strategic effort.

Grace’s successful approach to the challenge is a blend of strategic pacing and sheer determination, a formula that has earned her a top spot among global competitors and has her community and coach confident in her ability to excel. Her performance is not just about climbing the ranks today; it’s about laying the groundwork for future triumphs.

Exercise Breakdown

Understanding Workout 24.3

This workout, known as 24.3, is structured into ten rounds separated into two segments. Each segment consists of a combination of thrusters and a unique form of pull-ups or rope jumps.

Participants perform five rounds of ten thrusters followed by ten chest-to-bar pull-ups, take a minute’s rest, and then tackle five additional rounds which include seven heavier thrusters and seven rope jumps.

Approaches and Rhythm Management

For optimal performance, it’s crucial to balance speed and conservation of energy.

A steady rhythm should be established during the initial five rounds to prevent early fatigue, and one must be cautious to not be overly slow, risking an inadequate challenge.

As the workout progresses into the latter rounds, the focus should shift to maintaining strength and stamina to complete the more demanding set of thrusters and rope jumps.

Organizing Equipment

Before commencing the workout, ensure the thruster bar is pre-loaded with the initial weight, and after completing the first segment, switch to the heavier weight for the second.

Keep the thruster station and rope close to conserve time when transitioning between exercises.

Additionally, it’s advisable to keep an extra pair of grips on hand to swiftly handle equipment needs or replacements during the workout.

Competing Athlete’s Mentality

Pre-Event Tension

  • Initialization: Upon arrival, admitted feelings of apprehension.
  • Observations: Relatively composed outwardly; internally, experiences discomfort pre-event.

Tactical Approach

  • Initial Impression: Anticipated enjoyment morphs into a focus on completion.
  • Pacing Considerations: Balancing speed in initial rounds to avoid fatigue; strategic pacing is crucial.
  • Equipment Adjustment: Planning includes weight transition after the first component.

Objective Setting

  • External Expectations: Recognizes others’ anticipation for strong performance.
  • Personal Best: Aims to excel within personal ability parameters; outcomes viewed as secondary.
  • Progressive Training: Aligns current challenge with ongoing developmental exercises.

Coach’s Perspective

When tackling a high-intensity workout, strategy becomes a crucial component, and a coach’s role is to guide athletes towards an effective game plan.

A prime example of an athlete who exhibits exemplary performance in the fitness arena is Grace. Her rapid ascent to the top of global leaderboards can be attributed to her meticulous approach and raw talent.

In the midst of preparing for a specific workout routine involving thrusters and pull-ups, the focus is divided into pacing and understanding one’s limitations to avoid overexertion.

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Grace describes the approach with calculated caution, conscious of not being swept up in speed which might compromise her stamina in later rounds.

Workout Breakdown:

  • Initial rounds: 10 thrusters, 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Intermediate break: 1 minute of rest
  • Following rounds: 7 heavy thrusters, 7 bar muscle-ups

In the first segment, a temperate pace is vital. Darting to the bar in haste can lead to an early burnout, hence a smooth, unrushed start is encouraged.

The completion of the initial five rounds sets the stage for the subsequent, more intense phase.

Strategic Points:

  • Ascertain a manageable speed initially
  • Reserve energy for the concluding five rounds
  • Avoid undue haste in transitioning between exercises

Recognition of her abilities comes naturally to Grace, who earlier surprised many by dominating her first competitive CrossFit event post eight months of training.

Her coaching has been pivotal, foreseeing her potential not only in her athleticism but also her influence in the fitness industry.

Equipment Adjustments:

  • Initial thrusters: 10 lb plates
  • Weight change: Bar increases to a total of 85 lbs

Emotions run high in competitions, and an athlete’s mental state is as important as their physical readiness.

Grace admits to feeling a twinge of nervousness, which is not typical for her but understandable given the pressure and the physical toll such challenges pose.

Final reminders from the coach emphasize smart transitioning and keeping a clear mind. Knowing when to pause, breathe, and proceed is part of the strategic approach.

Coach’s Encouragement:

  • Take brief rests as needed
  • Maintain a steady breathing pattern
  • Believe in your own strength and capability

The culmination of the workout sees Grace pushing through with determination, her coach reminding her of the importance of technique and rhythmic movements.

The final push requires everything an athlete has to offer, fully demonstrating the essence of competition: giving one’s best and accepting the outcome, regardless of external expectations.

Executing the Exercise Routine

Early Segments

  • 10 Thrusters and 10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups: For five rounds, alternating between these two exercises builds strength and endurance. These initial segments set the stage, requiring a controlled pace to prevent fatigue.
  • Rest Period: A one-minute pause between the early and later segments allows for recovery.

Midpoint Adjustment

  • Increased Weights: After the initial rounds, the thrusters’ weight is raised, signaling the intensity hike.
  • Strategy: A deliberate slowdown in the earlier stages helps save energy for more challenging rounds.

Concluding Segments

  • The Final Seven: Seven heavier thrusters followed by seven bar muscle-ups mark the final push in the routine. These phases test the limits of one’s capabilities.
  • Pacing: Strategic pacing is emphasized throughout to optimize performance without compromising stamina.

Reflecting on Post-Exercise Experience

Initial Thoughts After the Workout

Upon concluding the intense regimen, the initial sensation was a mixture of determination and trepidation. There was recognition of the challenging nature of the workout but also an eagerness to see it through.

Pacing was a critical factor, with the need to find a delicate balance between not pushing too hard too soon and maintaining enough intensity to prevent lagging.

  • Strategy for Initial Rounds:
    • Go moderately, avoiding an early burnout
    • Balance is key: not too swift to cause fatigue, not too slow to trail behind

Evaluation of Performance

A direct comparison to other competitors and previous efforts illuminated that the hard work had paid off. Being at the top of the leaderboard internationally highlighted that the effort in training was indeed translating to performance.

  • Leaderboard Status: First place globally
  • Performance Compared to Others:
    • Smooth execution in the initial part
    • Second part focused on giving it all that was left

Weights & Rounds:

  • First Set: 10 Thrusters and 10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
  • Second Set: Heavier 7 Thrusters and 7 Bar Muscle-Ups

Contentment with Outcome

The focus was less on others’ expectations and more on personal achievement.

There was a clear sense of contentment with the effort put into the workout.

The mentality was practical and grounded, expressing that while accolades are satisfactory, the ultimate goal was to qualify for the games.

  • Personal Emphasis:
    • Embrace the workout for what it is
    • Outcome serves as a benchmark, not an endpoint

Time and Performance:

  • Final Time: 9:37, which is unlikely to be surpassed on a potential redo
  • Physical Response: Intense forearm engagement, akin to bodybuilding with added cardio
  • Equipment Adjustments:
    • Initial Weight: Adjusted for thrusters accordingly
    • Warm-Up: Throw-offs avoided to ensure readiness

Final Reflections

In recent training sessions, there’s been a palpable mix of anticipation and strategy as preparation meets execution. Grace, who is relatively new to the competitive CrossFit scene, has been turning heads with her rapid ascent up the worldwide leaderboards.

The workout on the docket, a challenging sequence known colloquially as 24.3, consists of five rounds of two exercises: thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups. This is followed by a one-minute break, then another five rounds featuring heavier thrusters and a dynamic bar movement.

The strategy is nuanced, and pacing is critical. Go too hard early on, and one risks burning out before the second, more grueling set of rounds. Move too conservatively, and the opportunity to secure a top time slips away. It’s a delicate balance, finding that just-right rhythm that plays on strengths while acknowledging the workouts capacity to induce fatigue.

Workout Breakdown:

  • Initial Round:
    • 5 Rounds:
      • 10 Thrusters
      • 10 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

After a one-minute rest…

  • Secondary Round:
    • 5 Rounds:
      • 7 Heavier Thrusters
      • 7 Dynamic Bar Movements

Grace approaches this workout with a tactical mindset. She begins with a pace that is sustainably vigorous, saving the reserves for a strong finish. Interestingly, her approach isnt just about the numbers but about enjoying the journey, embracing the challenge, and letting the results fall as they may.

Personal Insights:

  • Anticipation: Despite a cool composure, nerves are a natural part of the process, especially when knowing the discomfort ahead.
  • Support: Grace feels the support of her community and leverages it as motivational fuel.
  • Adaptability: Equipment adjustments, like changing weights mid-workout, are done swiftly to maintain momentum.

Grace’s previous performances placed her in a spotlight, blurring the line between budding athlete and exceptional talent. She is a talent not only in the realm of athletic prowess but also in navigating the complex landscape of fitness as a business. The workout serves as both a crucible and a beacon, a test that simultaneously points to areas of improvements to focus on.

Workout Strategy:

  • Conservative Start: Slightly under the anticipated intensity for the first few rounds.
  • Robust Finish: Picking up the pace for the final rounds, guided by feel more than the clock.

In practice, a refrain of counts and breaths echoes through the workout space. This is a cadence that underscores the determination. The voice coaching from the sidelines underscores the balance between pushing limits and listening to ones body.

Grace carries with her not just the aspirations of personal bests but the collective hopes of those who’ve seen her potential. What resonates through each count and breath is not just the pursuit of leadership in the sport but a deeper embodiment of grace under pressure, ambition tempered with humility. This middle stretch of the journey articulates more than results; it speaks to the ethos of an athlete in the making.