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The CBSE Class 10 board result is expected to release soon, board Secretary Anurag Tripathi announced on Thursday. The exams were earlier canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the result preparation, the board has released unique evaluation criteria on the basis of which students will be allotted marks this year.

As per the evaluation criteria, Class 10 students would be assessed for a total of 100 marks out of which 20 marks would be allocated to internal assessment that could be either practical or project work depending on the subject while 80 marks will be on the basis of their performance in various exams conducted by the school throughout the year.

The 80 marks will be divided into three sections – 10 marks for periodic/unit test, 30 marks for half-yearly/ mid-term exams, and 40 marks for pre-board exams.

In case schools have conducted more than one exam within each category, the result committee will fix how much marks will be allocated to each exam within the category. Students will also be given ‘grace marks’ if they are unable to obtain minimum passing marks.

Even after giving grace marks, if a student is not able to meet the qualifying criterion, he/she will be placed in the “Essential Repeat” or “Compartment” category. Besides, any candidate who is not satisfied with the marks will be allowed to sit for the exam when the situation is conducive.

The board had asked schools to form an eight-member committee consisting of principal and seven teachers to finalize the results.

CBSE had earlier extended the deadline for schools to submit the internal assessment marks. According to an official statement, schools have been given till June 30 for marks submission. However, the “result committee can make its own schedule based on the scheme provided by CBSE” but the deadline should be June 30. Schools have to upload these marks on the website within the stipulated time. More than 21.5 lakh students have been enrolled with CBSE in class 10 in academic session 2021.

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court issued a notice to CBSE asking prepare the evaluation scheme for class 10 private candidates. The PIL stated that the board has not issued any evaluation criteria for the students who have been privately enrolled. The HC issued a notice to the board on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed on May 31, 2021, by petitioner Payal Bahl.

The PIL also alleged that the board’s actions violate the fundamental rights of the private candidates by not releasing marks calculation policy for them and this will cause loss of education for these students.

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Marks In CBSE Class 10 Result 2021 Will Be Calculated On Objective Criterion To Be Developed By Board:

Important points from the official notification are:

– CBSE 10th Result 2021 will be declared based on objective criterion (to be set by the board).

– Students not satisfied with their CBSE 10th Result 2021 will be allowed to appear for exams (to be conducted if the conditions are conductive)

Here objective criterion implies CBSE will create an assessment scheme consisting of some set of rules. This is yet to be developed by the board and most probably the weightage of internal assessment in the new scheme might be high. We are expecting that CBSE will soon provide more updates regarding the objective criterion or the assessment scheme.

In the official notification, CBSE has also pointed out that students who are not happy with their result can appear for optional CBSE 10th board exams 2021 later. These optional exams will be conducted when the situation due to COVID-19 get better.

Last Year’s Alternate Assessment Scheme Use To Calculate Marks in CBSE 10th Result

Here are important points from the last year’s alternate assessment scheme used by the board to calculate the marks in CBSE Result 2021. It might be helpful for many students & other people who are wondering on what basis s CBSE will give marks.

– If a student has appeared for more than 3 exams, the average of three papers marks will be used as scores for pending papers

– For those students who appeared in lesser papers, the average will be based on the two highest-scoring subjects and allotted to the remaining papers.

– For students who have not appeared for less than three exams, their score will be marked as per internal/ practical/ project assessment.