A Different Kind of Mission: Jenna’s Ambassador Story


As I shared, tears came, and I just let them fall as an act of surrender. Two of the women who I was supposed to be serving started to cry right there with me. In turn, they served me. Their hands reached toward me lovingly, a reminder of their presence and care. We just held space for each other to share the deeper things inside. 

Our circumstances and trials were different, but the deeper-rooted feelings were similar. We all fought loneliness, abandonment, and a desire to belong. Through sharing, we connected with each other so much deeper. We looked at each other with so much more compassion and love for each other. 

Their kindness and prayers were a way of saying, You always will have a family here. 

This moment is a sweet reminder of what the Kingdom will be like – no matter your background, culture, ethnicity, or life experiences, all who call Jesus the King will be together in glory, worshiping the same Mighty God, our Creator and Father. 

Revealing our weakness, hurt, pain, and whatever else is below the surface strengthens our relationships with each other and with God as we let Him mend, repair, and bring healing. 

As I continue to lead others, I, too, will continue to grow. As I step more into my calling on this side of heaven, I will see more glimpses of the Fathers love. I will face more battles, obstacles, and pain, but I will not go at it alone. 

Connection has been my word for this past season, and I cannot think of a more beautiful way it has come to fruition through this experience.