The Reason Behind Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain


Lana Del Rey is one of the most popular singers of the modern era. Known for her sensational voice and iconic personality, Lana Del Rey has been making headlines lately due to her sudden weight gain. She has also been a target of Internet trolls who fat-shamed the “Doin’ Time” singer over her drastic transformation.

The before and after pictures of Lana Del Rey recently went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms as fans discussed the cause behind her changing appearance. Netizens were divided while trying to decipher the reason. Her ‘real’ fans supported her recent look claiming she was finally happy and content.

Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain: What Happened?

When Lana Del Rey made her debut in 2011 with “Video Games,” she had a slim and sleek physique. However, by the time she released her next album “Born To Die,” she had already put on around 20 pounds in addition to gaining the weight before her first album. This is when people started discussing the singer’s weight gain.

Later, it was revealed that the “Queen of Sadcore” didn’t really gain weight but the paparazzi took pictures of her from a slightly wrong angle. As years passed by, Lana Del Rey turned into a body image icon for young women. Girls looked up to her and wished for a flawless body like Lana Del Rey.

However, when the COVID-19 lockdown happened and people practiced quarantine, a lot of people gained weight due to staying at home and having a sedentary lifestyle, including the pop-icon Lana Del Rey. Pictures of Lana Del Rey’s weight gain started going viral every now and then on social media platforms.

Lana Del Rey's weight gain

Is Lana Del Rey Suffering from an Eating Disorder?

Past reports and rumors claim that Lana Del Raye suffered from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Put into simple words, anorexia is a lack of appetite that leads to prolonged periods of not eating while bulimia refers to binge eating due to emotional stress or other factors.

An unreleased song of the singer titled “Boarding School” was leaked in 2012. It featured the lyrics, “I’m a fan of pro-ana-nation. I do them drugs to stop the f-food cravings.” The “pro-ana-nation” allegedly referred to anorexia here while the use of drugs to stop food cravings possibly hinted at bulimia.

While Lana was criticized for the troubling lyrics of the song, people also concluded that the singer suffered from these eating disorders and expressed her struggles in it. However, the “Say Yes to Heaven” singer never addressed these rumors herself.

Is Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain Due to a Medical Condition?

One of the reasons behind a sudden weight gain is a medical condition, which is the case behind popstar Selena Gomez’s rapid weight gain. She recently revealed that her weight has increased due to the water retention caused by the medication she takes for Lupus (SLE).

A lot of people think that Lana Del Rey’s weight gain could also be due to a medical condition but it’s not true. As per the available information, Lana Del Rey is not suffering from any disease. However, she is known to have previous struggles with eating disorders, and addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Lana Del Rey Gained a Lot of Weight in Lockdown:

Lana Del Rey’s weight gain became more prominent during and after the COVID-19 lockdown. The Daily Mail posted a picture of the singer from the quarantine where she was wearing a white top, denim shorts, a black face mask, and a ‘Baseball Mom’ cap with white sneakers.

Netizens quickly noticed that Lana had put on extra pounds during lockdown and her waist looked significantly bigger. Unfortunately, she even had to face body-shaming online. People called her out for gaining weight while her fans came in support of the “Ultraviolence” singer.

According to a Harvard study, 22% of U.S. adults gained weight during the pandemic. It was due to several factors such as reduced physical activity, disturbed sleep cycles, stress-induced binge eating, and unavailability of healthier food choices. It’s possible that Lana Del Rey also faced similar issues.

Lana Del Rey's weight gain

Did Lana Del Rey’s Weight Increase Due to Her Relationships?

In the past few years, Lana Del Ray has been pretty active in her love life. She appeared at the Grammys in January 2020 with her then-boyfriend Sean Larkin, a police officer, and fans pointed out that she looked a bit thicker alongside him. However, their relationship ended six months later.

Lana then started dating musician Clayton Johnson whom she met on a dating app. The relationship escalated pretty quickly and the two got engaged. However, they later decided to separate in 2021. Following her break-up, she started dating musician Jack Donoghue from the band Salem.

This relationship also dwindled down pretty soon and then Lana met music manager and musician Evan Winiker. The two instantly clicked well and ended up getting engaged in March 2023. However, their relationship ended a few months later, and the “Young and Beautiful” singer is single again.

Lana Del Rey's weight gain

Lana Del Rey has seen a lot of ups and downs in her relationships in the past few years. It’s possible that this emotional turmoil took a toll on the singer’s health and played a role in her sudden weight gain.

Lana Del Rey Getting Trolled For Her Weight Is Sad:

Ever since Lana Del Rey has put on extra pounds, she has been a hot topic of discussion online. Last year, a gross Twitter post went viral featuring the before and after pictures of Lana’s body transformation with the caption “This is worse than 9/11.” It triggered an intense outrage among her fans and women online.

Lana Del Rey does not owe us thinness. Just because someone was a certain size at a certain age doesn’t mean they have to maintain that size forever,” one person wrote. “Bodies change. Weight changes. And most importantly, all bodies of all shapes and sizes are sexy, beautiful, and worthy.”

Being a woman in the public eye is torturous because if you age/become less desirable to men people crucify you at the stake no matter what you do to prevent it,” another person added.

The way boys act out when celebrities gain weight is so strange,” one more person joined in to support.

The account of the person who posted the distressful tweet was taken down but it garnered thousands of views before that. This wasn’t the only instance when Lana Del Rey was body-shamed for gaining weight.

Lana Del Rey's weight gain

Recently, when the singer was clicked hanging out at the Malibu Chili cook-off, netizens were quick to call her out again for her plumper physique. There is even a TikTok trend where people share pictures of her youth and recent years with the lyrics, “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?” from her song “Young and Beautiful.” All of this is highly problematic and a sad failure for the society.

Final Thoughts:

The case of Lana Del Rey is yet another example of celebrity fan culture, delusional beauty ideals, fatphobia, and baseless internet trolling. It puts back the society a few decades back when these things were the norm and does not portray the modern standards. Still, their existence is a questionable stance for all of us.

What Lana faced after gaining a few extra pounds was not only limited to her but countless other female celebs who developed a different appearance as they aged. Lana Del Rey is 38 now. Her body is aging and it’s natural for her to gain a few pounds. As humans grow, their bodies grow too.

It’s nearly impossible to look the same as you looked at 18 or 20 years of age. If you’re a fan or just a curious reader, understand that Lana Del Rey has gained weight naturally and it’s completely normal. That’s it for this post. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Did Lana Del Rey gain weight recently?:

Lana Del Rey gained a notable amount of weight during the pandemic as she was staying idle at home and also going through an emotional roller-coaster due to her relationships. When pictures of Lana wearing a mask went viral, fans were quick to notice that her waist was looking quite bigger in size.

Is Lana Del Rey on a weight loss journey?:

Lana Del Rey is not on a weight loss journey and the singer is looking pretty plump and happier these days. According to her fans, the “Born To Die” singer has learned to embrace herself and doesn’t let the online trolls affect her mental health. She has decided to love her body and remain an icon for body image positivity.

Did Lana Del Rey quit drugs?:

Lana Del Rey has a prominent history of drug abuse and alcoholism. According to past reports, she was addicted to crystal meth when she was young. However, the “Young and Beautiful” singer went to rehab and quit drugs before launching her debut album “Video Games.” She also turned sober before turning 20.

Does Lana Del Rey suffer from depression?:

Lana Del Rey has been pretty vocal about her struggles with depression. She has talked about her mental health in interviews, on social media, and through the lyrics of her songs. The pop icon always tries to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness by talking about it and motivating others to seek help.

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