Mark Labbet Weight Loss (2024): Before, After Photos


It is no secret that Mark Labbett has become well known since he first appeared in the hit ITV quiz show The Chase nearly ten years ago. The actor has been on the show for nearly that long.

His fans have been greatly impressed by not just his brilliant intellect but also by the dramatic change he has undergone in terms of his weight loss. To discover the secrets behind drastic weight loss, let’s dive into the Mark Labette Weight Loss Journey and discover how this 57-year-old man achieved his goal.

Who Is Mark Labbet?

The English quizzer Mark Labbett is well-known as a television personality and quiz show host. Labbett’s parents are Carolyn and Jon Labbett.

There are two younger brothers in his family, Paul, and Philip. His work as a Chaser on The Chase has been on ITV since 2009 and ABC since June 2021.

Name: Mark Labbet
Date of Birth: 15 August 1965
Age: 57 years
Height: 1.98 m
Weight: around 10-stone
Net worth: $4 million.
Profession: TV Personality
Nationality: British

Previously, he served as the sole chaser on GSN’s American version between 2013 and 2015 and as one of six Australian versions between 2016 and 2020.

During these shows, he is known as “The Beast .”Labbett has also appeared on several other television quiz shows and is a regular contestant in a variety of quiz competitions as well.

Mark Labbet Weight Loss Journey

Over the past few years, Chase’s Mark Labbett has lost tremendous weight by making minor adjustments to his diet and exercise habits. In the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown, the quiz star lost ten stone.

57-year-old Mark credited cutting down on carbs and sugar for his weight loss. His heaviest weight was 29 stone in 2003. After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he changed his lifestyle to stay healthy.

Mark Labbet Weight Loss Journey

 Mark has successfully kept off his weight. He started at 29 stone, and now he reduced to 10 stone. After being passionate about his weight loss, Labbet eventually reached his goal size.

He also occasionally throws exercise into his routine. His diet mainly consists of healthy options like vegetables, grilled chicken, and fish with salad.

To shed pounds fast, you don’t need to go through starvation diets or excessive cardio routines to lose weight, just like Mark Labbet did; you can do the same and lose weight without having to eat a strict diet.

Mark Labbet Weight Loss Diet Plan

Mark Labbet’s Weight loss is commendable. This quiz star has pulled off a fantastic weight loss journey. Mark Labbett’s Weight loss diet plan is simple and consists of a combination of regular exercise and a good nutritious diet with a healthy.

Instead of eating the usual pub meals, Mark changed his diet and started eating a more nutritious diet with a greater concentration on proteins, and he also reduced his sugar intake.

Mark Labbet Weight Loss Diet PlanMark Labbet Weight Loss Diet Plan

Mark Labbett’s diet regime recommends eating as many healthy foods as possible, such as fruits and vegetables, instead of starchy foods, including pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.

He also recommends eating lean meats like chicken or fish instead of red meat like beef or pork, which are very high in saturated fat. Cutting down on two main things from his diet helped him lose weight as he had to cut down on :

  • Carbohydrates 
  • Sugar

Mark follows a diet regimen that consists of the following:

  • Organic eggs (boiled or scrambled) Whole grain toast and oatmeal Grilled chicken or fish Low-fat cheese on whole grain bread Fresh fruit with low sugar yogurt

Mark Labbett’s Weight Loss Journey has been a fantastic success. This English quiz star has transformed himself into one who is fit as well as energetic. He also has achieved his dream of losing weight without having to take extreme measures like starving himself or going under the knife for cosmetic surgery.

Mark Labbet Weight Loss Workout Routine

Mark Labbett Weight loss is not just diet. Mark also has to work out regularly to maintain his body and improve his posture. Mark Labbett’s Weight loss workout routine describes the exercises that he does to keep himself in shape and would mainly focus on cardio strength training.

As a part of his exercise routine, Mark, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet, also does vigorous physical activities such as walking, cycling, and swimming. He also participates in weight training and cardio workouts to increase muscle strength and durability. These exercises keep his body fit, strong, and lean.

Mark Labbet Weight Loss Workout Routine

The quiz master has been able to balance his diet and exercise routine to reach his goal. He also lost weight by keeping off carbs and sugar and sticking to a more holistic diet regime without starving himself, eventually getting him to the point where he wanted and needed to be.

He also encourages everyone who wants to lose weight not to give up and always keep trying because the secrets are simple: exercise and eat healthier.

Mark Labbet Weight Loss Before And After

Here is a before and after weight loss comparison of Mark Labbett, who has successfully lost weight by balancing his diet and exercising daily. Now at the age of 57, he still seems quite fit.

Mark Labbbet Weight Loss

And with this experience, he has been able to pull off numerous other experiments and tricks with his weight loss journey. And we hope that everyone can learn from him.


Mark Labbett Weight loss is a massive achievement for him. He not only managed to lose weight, but he was able to keep his charm and personality. And frankly, this quiz star has played a significant role in motivating people worldwide. With Mark Labbett’s weight loss journey, he proves that sticking to a diet plan and regular exercise can help you achieve your dream weight without any hassle. Many people are inspired by Mark Labbett’s Weight loss transformation and have been able to replicate the same. Mark Labbett Weight loss is one great example of how anyone can lose weight effectively.