Is John Cena On Steroids Or Is He Natural?


Is John Cena on Steroids? Is John Cena Natty (Natural)? Fans will never stop asking these two questions about the 16-time WWE Champion John Cena due to his massive physique and monstrous strength. In this post, we’re going to analyze if the WWE superstar-turned-actor has taken anabolic steroids or not.

John Cena may not be a regular face on RAW and Smackdown these days due to his Hollywood commitments but he’s still among the trends as ever. The now-part-time wrestler appeared on The Howard Stern Show lately where he discussed steroid use, workouts, meditation, and more aspects of his health and life.

Is John Cena On Steroids? WWE Star Denies It:

During his visit to The Howard Stern Show a few weeks back, the show host asked John Cen the age-old question “Is John Cena on steroids?” Responding to the query, Cena admitted that some wrestlers take them but he hasn’t. “The profession calls for it. Yeah, you gotta lift folks and throw them.”

The Face That Runs The Place” denied the claims that he has taken steroids and reaffirmed that he has always been clean. “Still. Yeah, still,” Cena said. When Stern speculated if Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDs) affected Cena’s physique, the WWE superstar explained why he stayed away from the risks linked to steroids.

There’s risk-reward there. You know, if you hit the gas pedal too early, you can get a lot of bad stuff to happen long-term,” Cena said. “Not really. I’ve been 225 pounds since I was 17 years old. I started lifting at 13. And I guess that’s why I never needed it [steroids],” Cena explained while accrediting his physique to weightlifting.

Is John Cena on steroids

Throughout his discussion with Stern, John Cena stayed on his point that he was 100% clean and denied any claims of his steroid usage. This isn’t the first time that he did it. He has always denied such claims.

Has John Cena Ever Taken Performance Enhancement Drugs (PEDs)?

John Cena has always denied using steroids or any other sort of PEDs. In a 2007 interview with CNN, he was asked the question, “Have you ever taken steroids?” To this, Cena replied, “Absolutely not.” However, when the news corporation released a documentary on pro wrestling featuring Cena’s interview, they manipulated the clip to make it look like the ‘Leader of Cenation‘ takes steroids.

In the edited version of the footage, Cena’s response to the question was: “This is a crazy question and its tough to answer just because of the way society is now. The way people conceive things is because performance-enhancing drugs have got the spotlight and its a hot thing to talk about. I cant tell you that I havent, but youll never be able to prove that I have.

This created chaos and people started targeting the WWE and its newly implemented wellness policy. However, WWE soon shared the real clip from the interview to counter the spread of misinformation.

Signs John Cena ‘Might’ Be On Steroids:

Despite John Cena’s frequent denials of his use of steroids or PEDs, medical experts believe that the WWE superstar may have been lying to protect his image and he might have taken some enhancers. There are even claims that Cena licked his lip while denying his use of steroids during the interview, which could be a sign that he was lying as our body gets dehydrated due to adrenaline release while lying.

Another commonly discussed indicator is that Cena may have used steroids early in his career due to his humongous physique at a very young age. However, it may be due to the sheer weightlifting that Cena has been doing since the age of 13.

One more suspicious sign that Cena may have been on an anabolic cycle is that he was among the top wrestlers to criticize WWE’s wellness policy that was imposed after the tragic death of Chris Benoit. Finally, there are some signs pointed out by medical experts that hint toward John Cena’s steroid usage:

1. Massive Gains & Block Appearance:

When John Cena was 18, he was already a muscle monster but with a tiny waist. It’s a very common sign to identify natural bodybuilders. By that time, Cena may have already reached his natural limits of gaining size. However, as his career progressed, he gained a lot of muscle and developed a ‘blocky’ appearance.

Is John Cena on Steroids

Cena’s midsection including his waist and hips has grown significantly, which is a potential sign of using steroids. Another key indicator is that his gains never stopped and he kept growing bigger.

2. Excessive Skull Growth:

Another crucial sign that John Cena may have used steroids is that his head has almost doubled in size compared to the early days of his career.

Is John Cena on Steroids

When a person uses human growth hormone (HGH), a type of steroid, it causes bone and tissue growth in the body which leads to the enlargement of skulls and also nose.

3. Flushed Skin:

Flushed skin, which refers to the pink appearance of the skin, is another sign of steroid use. It is caused due to elevated body temperature due to the medications and is preset in the upper region of the chest.

Is John Cena on Steroids

A lot of time John Cena’s skin looks really pink when he’s in the WWE ring. It could be a sign of Cena’s PED use as his body temperature stays elevated, leading to flushed skin.

4. Bloated Stomach:

John Cena’s stomach is often seen ‘mildly’ bloated when he is wrestling other superstars or cutting promos.

A bloated stomach is very common among people who take steroids regularly. It’s due to excessive water retention or a mild form of ‘steroid gut’ due to HGH or Insulin usage. It’s rarely present in natural guys.

Is John Cena on Steroids

5. Less Recovery Time:

WWE superstars get injured often and John Cena is no exception. He has dealt with major injuries multiple times in his career due to excessive workload. However, Cena has recovered pretty quickly whenever he was out of action. When he was expected to be out for nine months, he returned in just five months.

This happened in another instance as well when Cena returned to the ring quicker than expected. It could be a potential sign of HGH usage. However, some medical professionals believe that it could only be due to Cena’s wonderful immunity system and metabolism, which boosts his recovery.

Which Steroids Could John Cena Be On?

Concluding from the signs of steroid usage present in John Cena’s appearance, we believe he could’ve used the following drugs at some point in his career:

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH): It boosts the growth of various parts of the body including tissues, muscles, and bones, and decreases recovery time.
  • Testosterone Propionate: It’s the primary male hormone used for bulking cycles.
  • Trenbolone: It’s another key steroid for the bulking cycle.
  • Dianabol: It boosts muscle strength and improves athletic performance.
  • Winstrol: It is used to remove excessive water from the muscles and burn fat.
  • Cardarine: It helps with increasing endurance.

HGH is the most likely steroid that John Cena may have used alongside Testosterone or Dianabol. However, it is also possible that he may have taken alternatives to these drugs such as BCAA, creatine, or Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Final Verdict:

It’s really hard to decipher if John Cena is on steroids or if he’s a natty. There are visible signs on Cena’s body that suggest he may have taken some drugs during the early days of his WWE career. However, he has been completely clean since 2006 as he has never failed his WWE wellness policy test.

One more possibility is that John Cena might have used natural alternatives to steroids like creatine, BCAA, and beta-alanine to boost his muscle strength, athletic performance, and size. Combining these with a proper diet and workout routine can work as well as performance-enhancement drugs.

What do you think? Is John Cena on Steroids? We think a ‘little’ early on but not now. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the most frequently asked questions about John Cena and his steroid usage:

Is John Cena natty?:

John Cena claims that he is 100% natural and has never used steroids or any other performance-enhancement drugs (PEDs). Recently, he appeared on The Howard Stern Show where the host asked if John Cena is on steroids. Cena then denied using steroids and claimed that he was still natural.

Is it possible to look like John Cena without taking steroids?:

Yes, it is possible to look like John Cena without taking steroids with the use of the right diet and a strict workout routine that focuses on boosting muscle growth and strength. You can also include natural alternatives to steroids such as creatine, BCAA, etc, to enhance your development and performance.

Could John Cena be a bodybuilder?:

Before becoming a WWE wrestler, John Cena was an amateur bodybuilder. He started bodybuilding at the age of 15 and competed in amateur contests. However, his career didn’t last long as he switched to wrestling in 1999, where he signed as “The Prototype” to Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW).

Can John Cena lift more than Brock Lesnar?:

Yes, John Cena can lift more than Brock Lesnar as he has always been stronger than “The Beast Incarnate.” Lesnar’s bench press was 225 lbs at 44 reps which would go up to 400 lbs at 1RM. However, Cena has lifted Viscera, who weighed 500 lbs, and his 1RM of bench press stands near 600 lbs.