David Goggins’ ‘Insane’ Workout Routine and Diet Plan


David Goggins is one of the best people in the entire world when someone is looking for inspiration to get fit and become the best version of themself. In this post, we’ll explore the David Goggins workout routine, diet plan, and other motivational tips from the ex-Navy SEAL, runner, fitness influencer, and public speaker.

From being an overweight, overworked, and lost exterminator chugging in donuts every day to becoming an exceptional Navy SEAL and a world-renowned fitness motivator, David Goggins had a bumpy ride to glory. He battled through obesity, sickle cell anemia, a congenital heart defect, and asthma to reach where he is today.

How did David Goggins Change His Life?

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL, a marathon runner, triathlete, and cyclist. He is also a motivational speaker, fitness influencer, and the author of two personal memoirs. Goggins has even earned induction into the International Sports Hall of Fame in 2019 for his heroics.

However, the “Toughest Man in the World” was not the legend we know initially. He was the exact opposite of what one would call an inspiration. Goggins was an overweight and underpaid exterminator stuck in the paycheck cycle. He was even battling several diseases at once and couldn’t do a single pull-up.

Then one fine day, David Goggins got his awakening call and he transformed his life through intense physical training and mental toughness. He went on to conquer one of the world’s most challenging races- Infinity 88k and also held the Guinness World Record for the most pull-ups by completing a shocking 4,030 in 17 hours.

David Goggins workout routine

However, despite being astonishing feats, these aren’t the best accolades of the mentality beast. David Goggins is the only person to complete the Navy SEAL training, Army Ranger School, and Air Force Tactical Air Control Training. He even served in Iraq and Afghanistan during his time in the U.S. military.

David Goggins Lost 106 Lbs in 3 Months to Become a SEAL:

At the age of 24, David Goggins was highly unfit and used to survive on meager pay. He revealed his eating habits and demotivating lifestyle during interviews. “I would go in (to Steak ‘n Shake) and get a large chocolate milkshake. And then I would go across the street to 7-Eleven, and get a box of mini donuts,” he said.

However, he decided to transform his life one day after seeing a commercial about the Navy SEALs. He recalled the incident on the YouTube channel:

Here I am listening to the TV as I’m showering and, lo and behold this particular day, I started hearing: ‘Navy SEALs. Toughest training.’ I was hearing it cut out between the water hitting my ears … I got sick of being haunted by being nobody. I didn’t want to sit back and continually watch these shows about great people doing amazing things.

I wanted that feeling in my head that I believed that they had: of true accomplishment.
Having joined the Navy SEALs at 19, he was then diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, causing him to be released from training. It was after a few years of military career that he began working as an exterminator.”

David Goggins workout routine

After that, he started calling countless army recruiters but received rejection before being given a target to get down to 191 lbs for his height of 6 feet 1. To achieve this, Goggins lost a staggering 106 lbs in just 3 months through his ‘insane‘ workout routine.

David Goggins “Insane” Workout Routine:

The David Goggins workout routine is focused on intense strength training to build muscles and vigorous cardio exercises to boost stamina and endurance. It is pretty different from a usual bodybuilding split. His day begins with a 20-mile run at 3 AM followed by a 20-mile bike ride to work after breakfast.

He then returns home after another 20-mile bike ride and then runs again for another 3 to 5 miles before starting his evening strength training routine with his wife. Here is the ideal bodyweight workout routine of David Goggins:

Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlifts 3 10
Pullups 3 5
Squats 5 5
Lunges 3 12
Pushups 5 25

David Goggins usually performs strength training exercises at the gym. He uses heavy weights and trains almost to failure for all the sets except for the ultimate one. However, he also takes a sufficient amount of rest in between sets to allow his body to manage the pressure.

Goggins also performs core training at least thrice a week to maintain his tough musculature. Here is the David Goggins workout routine as shared by him:

Exercises Sets Reps
Swiss Ball Obliques 3 25
Russian Sit-Ups 3 10
V-Ups 3 10
Broomstick Obliques 3 10

David Goggins Cardio Workout Plans:

Just before the global COVID-19 pandemic, David Goggins shared two cardio workout plans on Instagram for people to stay fit during the quarantine. He revealed that he also uses a similar routine based on challenging Navy SEAL training techniques. Let’s take a look at them:

Cardio Workout Plan-1:

This split is a fast-paced workout routine of seven exercises. There is also a 1-minute rest for hydration between different movements.

140 Lunges
140 Squats
140 Lunges
100 Squats
1 Min Rest/ Hydrate
250 Jumping Jacks
1 Min Rest/Hydrate
230 Sit-Ups
1 Min Rest/Hydrate
180 Push-Ups (10 Reps Every 30 Seconds x 18)
1 Mins Rest/Hydrate
25 Arm Haulers, 25 Push-Ups (Repeat x 4)

Cardio Workout Plan-2:

The second split follows a workout routine of five exercises designed to boost your endurance.

Jumping Jacks (10 Mins)
10 Jumping Jacks, 10 Push-Ups (Repeat for 10 mins)
115 Alternating Lunges
110 Unassisted Sit-Ups
2 x 25 Push-Up to Planks
25 Unassisted Sit-Ups
10 Jumping Jacks/10 Push-Ups (3 Sets)

Since Goggins is an endurance athlete, he chiefly prefers cardio routines for his workout plan. However, they are not easy and never suitable for beginners. The “Toughest Man Alive” believes in testing your mental strength and pushing your bodily limits to the core.

David Goggins workout

David Goggins Diet to Lose Weight Quickly:

David Goggins never followed a fixed diet where he could only eat limited food items. Instead, he focused on cutting the junk and limiting his daily calorie intake. Goggins followed a caloric deficit of 750-1,000 calories a day to lose weight rapidly but included a lot of protein to not lose his muscle mass.

He once followed a ketogenic diet which comprised 40% of protein, 40% of healthy fats, and only 20% of good carbs to maintain his physique and strength. Goggins relied on protein-rich foods like chicken breast, fish, lean steak, green vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts for this.

Here is an ideal David Goggins’ day of eating:

Meal Foods
Breakfast (Post-Workout): Protein Shake (fast-digesting protein)
Oatmeal with Blueberries, Banana, and Walnuts
Lunch: Grilled Chicken Breast
Mixed Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots)
Snack: Greek Yogurt with Berries
Dinner: Lean Steak
Sweet Potato
Steamed Asparagus
Evening Snack (if needed): Mixed Nuts (almonds, walnuts)

Alongside healthy and limited eating, David Goggins also followed intermittent fasting regularly when he was on a weight loss journey. He ate his first meal by 10:30 AM in the morning and then fasted for around 16 hours every day which allowed his body to burn the fat storage.

David Goggins eating routine

Which Supplements does David Goggins use?

David Goggins doesn’t take too many supplements, unlike other fitness influencers. He only includes protein shakes and essential amino acids in his daily routine. However, he doesn’t reveal the brands that he uses. Goggins also used to take exogenous ketones when he was following a ketogenic diet.

Final Take:

David Goggins is a master of discipline who knows how to push himself to achieve the best results. His strict lifestyle is a testimonial of what one can achieve by controlling their mind and being focused. The David Goggins workout routine and diet plan is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight and sculpt their body.

There is so much to learn from the “Toughest Man on the Planet,” and that’s why he has such a huge following on social media platforms. People love to hear from Goggins and listen to his motivational stories. If you haven’t followed him yet, give it a shot and try incorporating his teachings into your life.

That’s all for this post. Feel free to share your thoughts or ask queries in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the most frequently asked questions about David Goggins’ workout:

How many km does David Goggins run a day?:

David Goggins runs at least 7 miles (11.2 km) in a day, preceded by an adequate warm-up and followed by stretching for over an hour. He also goes to work on his bike which allows him to travel 40 miles (32 km) to and fro. Moreover, he also uses bodyweight exercises for strength training at the gym.

How many rest days does David Goggins take?:

David Goggins takes a single rest day in a week to allow his body to recover properly from his intense training regimen. Being an endurance athlete, he usually performs strength training exercises at least four times a week, core training workouts for three days, and does cardio activities and stretching six days a week.

How many hours does David Goggins sleep?:

David Goggins sleeps for seven to eight hours a day. However, when the “Toughest man in the world” is busy with work, he gets only three hours of sleep but still manages to get through everything.

At what age did David Goggins start training?:

David Goggins began training at the age of 19 when he kicked off his military career in the Air Force. He was bound to become a pararescueman. However, he had to drop out due to suffering two stress fractures and pneumonia because of the vigorous training regimen.

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