Can She Return to CrossFit Glory?


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After a whirlwind year of pregnancy, childbirth, and a rapid return to competition, CrossFit legend Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr faces a new challenge: a nagging wrist injury that threatens her dominance.

In a candid recent video (watch below), Tia and her coach, husband Shane Orr, open up about the setbacks and triumphs on the road to the 2024 CrossFit games.

With her signature smile that hides a hint of discomfort, Tia quips, “am I smiling, or am I in pain? It looks like a smile; it’s good pain.” The video offers an intimate look at how Tia balances being a champion athlete with being a new mom to baby Willow.

The roadblock of the wrist injury is palpable. Coach Shane admits, “The trick is…CrossFit Games are until August and I know T’s ambition is to do really well in all the competitions from here on out, but the reality is, you’re only trained for one event, and that’s the CrossFit Games.”

Despite the challenge, there’s optimism. Small wins matter. “Progress, it’s a win!” Tia exclaims after a successful toes-to-bar workout.

While she can’t perform all her usual movements, she focuses on building strength and tolerance in her injured wrist.

The mental battles are just as real as the physical ones. Tia confesses, “This has been harder mentally and physically…I’m very impatient, and I’m really taking a lot more emphasis on…the small things that are going to lead to bigger things. That’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.”

The video takes a lighthearted turn as Tia struggles with a strange workout element: a sustained nipple cripple.

After a good-natured ribbing, she manages a full minute, proving that her trademark grit hasn’t faded.

The day ends on a high note. Despite the obstacles, Tia and Shane are upbeat. “Lots of progress,” Shane comments, “…we’re tracking in the right direction.” The video leaves viewers with an open loop: will Tia overcome the injury and reclaim her place atop the CrossFit world? The journey continues.