Strong Hips Start with Glute Activation


Strong Hips Start with Glute Activation
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A strong lower body means having powerful hips. Powerful hips is synonymous with glute activation. There are many exercises available, like a hip thrust, that are ideal for activating that area. The exercise has a similar movement pattern to a glute bridge. Glute training is important for increasing strength, power and in turn, improves movements like squats, deadlifts, sprinting, jumping and Olympic lifts.

Build Strong Hips with Hip Thrusts

A hip thrust exercise develops the muscles that make up the glutes and more. This movement pattern utilizes the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, hamstrings, adductor magnus, erector spinae, and quadriceps.

Start position

finish position

Finished position

How to Perform the Movement

1.) To begin the exercise; start off with your body seated on the ground with your upper back rested upon a bench.

2.) Keep a weighted barbell above your hips, this will be your starting position.

3.) Lean your back against the bench and rest your shoulders on the top of it.

4.) Then push your hips up vertically and keep the bar rested in your pelvis region, your back and heels should support the weight of the bar.

5.) As you execute the movement, keep your neck slightly flexed.

6.) Repeat the exercise for as many repetitions as needed.

Why Do the Exercise?

  • The movement is one of the best hip extension exercises that you can do. Athletes need to replicate triple extension (in the ankle, knee and hip) for any sport they do.
  • The exercise is ideal for glute activation.

Add the hip thrust as part of your next strength training session. For additional exercise instruction regarding the hip thrust, visit the Jefit exercise database.

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