#895 Lisa Whittle on Showing Up When You Want to Shut Down


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  • Does the phrase ‘hard good’ seem to put a check in your heart? Then, this message is for you today!

    We’re bringing back one of our favorite episodes with Lisa Whittle to tackle what it means to keep showing up when you want to shut down. Lisa encourages and reminds you that it doesn’t end with hard.

    Lisa is not only a friend of Revelation Wellness, but she’s also teaming up with our Global Ministry Leaders in the Love-Paced Race to keep you company as you train at the speed of love! Lisa is a deep well of wisdom, and you’ll hear her share more as you train for a 5K, 10K, half, or full marathon.

Meet Lisa Whittle

Lisa is a speaker, author, podcaster, Bible teacher, and ministry leader. She’s been in ministry for over 20 years and says the point is always about Jesus. Lisa has written over nine books and is witty, bold, and honest. She’s the kind of friend you need to shoot straight and cheer you on!

Be sure to connect with Lisa at

Come Train at the Speed of Love with Us!

Sign-ups open May 14 to come train for the Love-Paced Race! These incredible leaders are keeping you company as you train for a 5K, 10K, half or full-marathon. Get all the information here: Love-Paced Race 

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