#893 Cardio, Cortisol, and Everything You Need to Know About Zone II Exercise


In this Episode

Have you fallen for the harder is better mindset when working out? Alisa’s here to bust the myth that the only way to see results is through high-intensity workouts. In this workshop, she’s breaking down hormones, inflammation, and the benefits of Zone II cardio.

Grab a pen and take some notes because this one is full of practical steps to help you start training for longevity today!

You’ll learn about:

  • -> the cardio-cortisol connection and the role hormones play
  • -> the role of stress (and why rest isn’t just about sleep)
  • -> the impact of inflammation and chronic stress, and how exercise can contribute to this
  • -> why Zone II is good for your mitochondria (and why you should care about that)
  • how to calculate your target heart rate to train for longevity 

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