#883 Jeanine Amapola on Living Happy and Healthy


Jeanine Amapola, author, social media influencer, and popular podcaster, is sitting down with Alisa today to share a millennial’s perspective on living healthy and whole. She is a fresh voice speaking to a generation, and if you want someone who shoots it straight, Jeanine does just that. Her honesty is what we need more of in a culture that sends confusing and mixed messages.

In their conversation, Jeanine shares a topic that might not be suitable for all ages.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Jeanine’s struggles and how she overcame them
  • Why living a double life is no life to live
  • The moment Jeanine was called out as a hypocrite
  • A message for Gen Z on feelings and truth
  • Why community is key and how to find it
  • A practical tip to start living happy and healthy

You can also watch the episode here.