#880 REVING the Word “The Clean-Up Crew” Isaiah 6:1-7 – Alisa Keeton ENDURANCE


Ready for a ‘glow-up’ word? Today’s REVING the Word will challenge you in endurance training while Alisa gets serious about the body of Christ coming clean and getting clean. So, lace up your shoes and get your body moving as you press play on this episode. This one’s a big REV shout-out to Platoon 32the cleaning crew!

You’ll hear Alisa teach on Isaiah 6:1-7, and she’s not messing around on the call for us to become wholehearted people. She’ll leave you with three practical ways to get started. 

Links mentioned:

Three practices to start cleaning up:

-> The Word (the water)

-> Confession (the bucket)

-> Repentance (the mop)

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