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When all the “normal” health coaching tools failed, Lisa found how Jesus changed everything.

What’s faith got to do with it?

What’s faith got to do with it? Why would faith be important when working with a health coach? This was my question just a few short years ago. 

I completed a secular health coach training program, and my first client practically fell into my lap! Karen and I worked together for several months.

Self-labeled as my guinea pig, she bravely agreed to work with me.

Karen wanted to be able to play ball with her kids, take nature walks with her family, put on a swimsuit, and join her kids in the pool.

Karen’s motivation—her “why” for change—mostly involved her body performing and looking better so she could comfortably join her family in everyday life. 

Together, we wrote a one-month plan that spelled out the what, when, where, and how of her plan for movement. During each weekly call, we’d track how that was going. 

The first two weeks went well. She was moving her body intentionally and feeling successful. She even began to notice that movement was getting a little easier every few days.

But then her willpower started to fade, and it seemed that everything and anything was getting in the way of her success.

Karen and I were both relying on willpower to sustain changes. 


Karen and I were both relying on willpower to sustain changes.

Lisa Ostreim

The apostle Paul was well acquainted with the problem of willpower. Romans 7:15 (NIRV) says, “I don’t understand what I do. I don’t do what I want to do. Instead, I do what I hate to do.”

This whole process became so discouraging and led to even more challenges when trying to develop habits. 

When we continue to fail, we begin to feel more hopeless and powerless than when we first set out to make a change. This is what was happening for both Karen and me.

Karen’s goals to lose weight, wear smaller clothing, and be active with her family were admirable. However, her ability to control her actions, emotions, and urges was lacking.

My goal to help Karen may have been commendable, but I was relying on my own ability to control her actions, emotions, and urges. 

What was missing? I listened to Karen’s story. I tailored the plan to what would work for her schedule and her desired outcome. I provided accountability. I encouraged. I planned. 

Feeling the burden heavy on my shoulders, I finally realized I was doing the work in my own strength. Watching Karen’s growing defeat, I knew she, too, was trying hard to make changes in her own willpower. We were both falling short.

The Difference: Christian Health Coach Training

I knew this was God’s work for me, yet what I was doing wasn’t working. I asked Him to show me what to do, and God provided, even in my weaknesses and shortcomings. 

God’s guidance came one day while I was taking a fitness class. The Christian fitness instructor mentioned the ministry Revelation Wellness and the program they had to train Fitness Teacher Gospel Preachers! 

I began to devour all the Revelation Wellness podcasts I could. I learned more and more truth about God’s interest in every area of my life. I discovered what my health coach training program had lacked.

Through Revelation Wellness, God showed me that my coaching was failing because I was doing it with my strength and willpower. 

The Christian Health Coach Training launched me into God’s design for how I care for my body, mind, and spirit. Little by little, I saw why my initial approach to health coaching failed. I didn’t invite God in to be my “why.” And, I did not encourage my brave client to invite God in.

God removed my blinders, and I saw the truth.

Not Willpower, God’s Power

Upon completing my training with Revelation Wellness, God graciously brought me another client. In His humor and creativity, her name was also Karin.

Spelled differently, but still…Karin. 

Listening to Karin #2 through a new filter, I heard her dissatisfaction with having tried all the different diet plans. Disappointed in her up-and-down weight, she was done. As with my first client, I heard defeat in Karin’s voice. But this time, I was armed with hope because God was in the lead.

I felt excited and optimistic when Karin and I met for our first coaching session. When I began asking her faith-related questions, I felt I matched the way God wanted me to coach. 

I skipped the “usual” health coach intake questions and began by asking her, “Have the diets you’ve tried led you closer to or further away from God?” 

Her shoulders softened, her eyes lifted, and her mouth quieted. I imagine she knew this wasn’t going to be the “usual” kind of health coaching. 

This time, God was in the midst of our coaching time together. This time, my questions went deeper than the surface. This time, Karin #2 was seeing what was lacking in her previous attempts to develop healthy habits.

This time, God was in the midst of our coaching time together. This time, my questions went deeper than the surface.

Lisa Ostreim

When looking at Karin’s motivation to change, I saw some similarities with Karen #1. Smaller clothing size was a goal both clients shared. But Karin #2 also had a deep desire to be comfortable with who she was.

With the proper guiding questions, she told me she wanted to enjoy her life without making the focus be on how she looked or what she would eat.

Karin discovered she wanted a deeper relationship with God and didn’t want that priority to suffer while she focused on her health.

For months, our coaching time followed a beautiful flow of focusing more on how God uniquely created her and less on what she ate or how many minutes of exercise she had completed that week. 

With Karin’s why being centered on accepting herself and enjoying her life, she was able to discover more about who she was in God.

It turned out she loved taking walks and stretching her body early in the morning before the rest of her busy day began. It wasn’t hard to get up and exercise in the morning because God had coached her in creating that new habit. 

When she pinpointed afternoons being a sluggish time of day for her, she knew she wasn’t satisfied.

As a school teacher, Karin valued being in tune with her students. So, she gladly decided to increase her water and protein intake mid-day, and her energy level increased. Not to lose weight. Not to wear a smaller size. Not to trick her body into feeling full. No. Her motivation was to be fully present for her students.

Karin was now being coached and led by the Holy Spirit. Her motivation was fueled by the Almighty. And she was focused on what was truly important in her life. She flourished. She put the scale away. She stopped counting calories. She embraced who God made her to be. And she created habits that enhanced her life. 

This new path for Karin, this new way of focusing on her health, led to joy and pleasure. And she was doing all this while walking closely with God, focusing on Him and His way rather than the scale or outward appearance.

The Better Way

Two different health coaching experiences. 

One with willpower, the other with God-power. 

One with short-term vision, the other with eternal vision. 

One with defeat and discouragement, the other with hope and satisfaction. 

So, my question to you remains, what does faith have to do with it? 

Absolutely everything.

Lisa Ostreim is a Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor from Platoon 28 as well as a certified Health Coach. She is a wife, homeschool mom, author, and podcaster. Lisa is passionate about helping to set others free. You can find her books, resources, podcast and more on her website

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