What Separates a High Taper and Low Taper from Mid Taper Fade?


The Differences Between Low, High, and Mid Taper Fade Haircuts

Fades are a common choice for both men and women when it comes time to visit the barbershop. This haircut which is regarded as one of the most fashionable for men is also well-liked by ladies who wear long hair with shaved sides or a short haircut. With a high, low, or mid taper fade, you can give your short or shaven hair a unique touch and in certain situations, bring attention to your texture.

You will need to choose between a low fade and a high fade when getting your hair cut into a fade. What makes a low fade different from a high fade might be a mystery to you, even if you’ve been getting your hair cut in this style for years. Find out everything you need to know about high, low, and mid taper fade, as well as which fade haircut will work best for your particular hairstyle right here. You will discover the distinctions here.

Low Taper Hairstyle

A low taper is, therefore, what its name implies. a smaller taper. As opposed to mid taper fade, it usually begins at the middle ear, though this varies from person to person depending on the shape of your head. Regarding appearance, it’s a more understated and polished style that works well in both going out and professional settings.

Low-taper haircuts are beautiful because they can be worn in many ways. A low taper can look great whether you want to sport a messy textured look or a slicked-back style. That’s what I’ve been really into lately.

High-Taper Hairstyle

Let’s now discuss the high taper. The top of the ear or the crown of the head is where this style begins to taper. As a result of its higher value, there is more blurry space. For people with thick or curly hair, a high-taper haircut can be revolutionary because it eliminates bulk and makes the hair easier to manage.

It’s a good option for people with round or square faces because it gives the face more height and structure. Compared to the length and finish of the low-taper and mid-taper fade, the high-taper is also customizable. A longer top combined with a subtle high taper will look more conservative. Select a short-textured top with a sharp, high taper for a more fashionable look.

Taper Fade Vs. Fade

What about taper fades and fades? It is a legitimate question that you may be asking yourself. The smooth transition from short hair at the sides to longer hair at the top is the essence of a fade. It’s an elegant, timeless look that never goes out of style, especially for mid-taper fade haircuts.

Which Is Better for You: Low or High Taper?

The most important factors to consider when choosing between a low-taper and a high-taper haircut are your personal style and comfort level. Should you prefer a delicate, understated look, a low taper might be your best bet. Make a big impression. That’s why a high taper might be the best choice for you.


Remember, the haircut that makes you feel most at ease and confident is also the most flattering on you. Without any fear, try on a range of lengths and styles to see which one best suits your needs.

Commonly Asked Questions

A Mid-Taper Haircut: What Is It?

The mid-range taper haircut lies between the high- and low-taper styles. It begins to taper around the temple region, providing a harmony of understatement and audacity.

How Does a Low Taper Fade Occur?

As the hair gets closer to the skin on the neck and ears, it becomes a low-taper fade, which is a variation on the low-taper haircut. This version of the traditional low taper is more dramatic.

What Distinguishes a High Taper from A Low Taper?

Where the tapering starts makes all the difference. If the taper is high, it begins close to the head’s crown. If it is low, it begins around the ears and neck.

Which Pomade Works Best for A Taper-Style Haircut?

Which pomade you choose will depend on the desired finish. Use a high-shine pomade to achieve a sleek, glossy look. A matte pomade would be perfect for a naturally textured finish.

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