We Don’t Recommend Kevin James Weight Loss Method


Famous American actor and comedian Kevin James recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he discussed his fluctuating weight and the methods he used for altering his appearance for various movie roles. In this guide, we’re going to reveal the secret behind the Kevin James weight loss story.

The “King of Queens” star has been making headlines due to dropping over 60 pounds with an extreme method that involves water-fasting for over a month. Health experts strictly advise against using such methods to lose weight as it can cause critical health consequences. But why did Kevin James do it?

Let’s find out the motivation behind the 58-year-old star using the controversial shortcut for weight loss.

How Did Kevin James Lose Weight?

Kevin James revealed the motive and method behind his recent weight loss during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience. When he was explaining his fluctuating weight, the “Grown Ups” star revealed that he underwent a drastic weight loss for an upcoming movie where he is playing the priest.

The actor revealed that he lost his weight first, then gained it back quickly, and then experienced an even bigger and quicker weight loss due to the remnant shooting. Kevin James went on to reveal that he used “Water Fasting” for 41 and a half days to drop his weight quickly.

I can lose it really quick, I can fast and lose it,” he said about his ‘Yo-Yo Dieting’ practice. “Seriously, I can lose it quick… I can do it in a month. Less than a month.” He added: “When I lock on, I can do something. I started fasting, I didn’t say ‘I’m going to do 40 days,’ I just said ‘I’m going to do whatever I can.’

Kevin further explained that it wasn’t the best experience but he “felt pretty good for a while.” “And then I’d have these dips, like wow, I feel pretty miserable,” he stated.

How Much Weight Did Kevin James Lose?

The Kevin James weight loss journey for his role of a Priest started when he weighed 280 pounds and then he dropped 50 pounds to reach the weight of 230 pounds. Later, he gained back the 50 pounds quickly after wrapping up the shoot. However, he had to shoot for the role again.

So, he fasted for almost six weeks and lost 60 pounds to weigh around 220 pounds. Kevin James didn’t use intermittent fasting, which is a highly recommended and trending weight loss method these days, but he used water fasting where a person has to live drinking only water and a little bit of salt to lose weight rapidly.

I lost, I think, like 60 pounds,” Kevin said. “I didn’t even take vitamins… It cleansed everything out of me.” He went on to advise others (the viewers) that this isn’t the best practice for weight loss. “I’m not saying it’s the way to go for everybody, I don’t know,” he stated.

What is Water Fasting?

Water Fasting is a type of fasting in which you can only consume water (to stay hydrated) and a little salt (to maintain electrolyte balance). You can’t eat anything else to promote autophagy (the process in which your body breaks down the older parts of its cells for recycling).

Usually, water fasting may last for a period of 24 to 72 hours. You shouldn’t water fast for longer than this period without any medical guidance. There are several advantages of this practice including weight loss, body detox, lowering of blood pressure, and improved blood triglyceride levels.

However, it is not recommended as there are plenty of risks involved with water fasting such as dehydration, formation of gall stones and renal stones, electrolyte imbalance, and severe damage to your vital organs.

Kevin James Weight Loss: How Did He Do It Before?

Before this extreme weight loss, Kevin James also dropped around 80 pounds for his role in the movie “Here Comes the Boom.” Kevin played a teacher in the movie who attempts to master mixed martial arts (MMA). He worked with MMA coach Ryan Parsons for the role and also sought his help for losing weight.

Parsons revealed that Kevin James’ weight loss routine consisted of healthy habits such as eating clean and working out regularly. Kevin also followed portion control, used a ketogenic diet, and performed wellness practices like meditation, staying hydrated, sleeping well, and more.

For his role in the movie, Kevin James asked Parsons to teach him as if he was preparing for a real fight. His training regimen included boxing, kickboxing, push-ups, sit-ups, and other cardio activities. When James was not near a gym, he would try running hotel stairs up and down or running for an hour in the town.

Kevin James weight loss

Eventually, Kevin James managed to lose 80 pounds and ace his role as an MMA specialist. “This is the secret to anyone’s successful workout. It’s too simple to quit if you don’t know why you’re doing something and have a specific objective in sight,” Parsons stated about Kevin James’ determination to learn about MMA.

Kevin James Has Switched to Sustainable Methods Now:

During his visit to The Joe Rogan Experience, Kevin James also talked about his long-term struggles with weight and how he has switched to more sustainable practices these days. He’s working with weight loss coach Mike Dolce and always remembers his advice: “You can’t outwork a bad diet.”

“Just recently I’ve stopped comparing myself to other people and trying to just say ‘get better than yourself yesterday.’ That concept for me works,” Kevin James said. He added: “You don’t need a lot of stuff, but you need something to engage yourself every day. There’s got to be a bridge between the [David] Goggins way and the people who do nothing… If you can get into that groove, you do feel better.

Kevin James is following a healthy diet these days consisting of whole foods lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. He has also eliminated highly processed foods, fried items, and sugars from his diet. Moreover, he is also working out regularly. His regimen is a mix of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises.

Kevin James weight loss

Final Take: Kevin James’ Weight Loss is Dangerous:

The Kevin James weight loss story isn’t something to be inspired by. The “Zookeeper” fame used water fasting to rapidly drop 60 pounds twice which is an incredibly unhealthy practice. His technique is starvation rather than fasting and comes at the cost of your vital organs and overall health.

He utilized the fact that the human body can survive anywhere from several weeks to up to three months without food by consuming its fat and muscle deposits, given its receiving sufficient hydration. However, it’s a highly dangerous practice and puts you at risk of severe medical conditions.

So, we would never advise you to lose weight the way Kevin James did. Instead, you should always focus on losing it more sustainably by eating clean, working out regularly, and getting enough sleep. That’s it for this guide. Feel free to shed your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: Water Fasting is a highly controversial practice to lose weight and you should never practice it for more than 24 hours without medical supervision. If you want to implement the technique into your lifestyle, make sure you consult with a doctor first. There are critical health risks involved with the practice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Kevin James weight loss story:

How did Kevin James lose weight quickly?:

Kevin James revealed in Joe Rogan’s podcast that he lost weight by following ‘Water Fasting’. It’s a controversial weight loss practice in which Kevin James only consumed water and a little bit of salt for 41 and a half days. Due to this, he lost around 60 pounds for his role as a priest in an upcoming horror movie.

How much did Kevin James weigh in Grown Ups?:

Kevin James weighed around 300 pounds when he appeared in 2010’s Grown Ups. However, when he appeared alongside Adam Sandler in 2013’s Grown Ups 2, he weighed 260 pounds after dropping 40 pounds. The actor was on a weight loss journey following his role in 2012’s Here Comes The Boom.

How much does Kevin James currently weigh?:

After losing excessive weight through controversial practices like water fasting and yo-yo dieting, Kevin James currently weighs around 240 pounds. He dropped weight to 220 pounds but couldn’t keep it off. He regained it and is now trying to maintain his weight through sustainable techniques like eating clean and exercising.

Did Kevin James only lose weight for the movie?:

Kevin James has dropped his weight several times for various roles but recently he has developed a desire to stay healthy. As a result, he is managing his weight through sustainable and safe practices such as eating a clean and nutritious diet, working out regularly, staying hydrated, and sleeping well.

Did Kevin James use Ozempic?:

No, Kevin James didn’t use Ozempic as many people wondered after he revealed his drastic weight loss. The “Grown Ups” fame discussed his weight loss on The Joe Rogan Experience where he confirmed about the use of water fasting to drop 60 pounds for his role as a priest in an upcoming horror movie.