How to Soften Ear Wax? (3 Methods)


Most of the time, our ears contain an optimal amount of wax which is soft and is cleared from the ears by the movements of the jaw.

However, weather, lifestyle changes, and low humidity in the environment can make your ear wax dry. The removal of this dry wax from the ears is not easy and it accumulates in the ears.

Imagine if the wax is not dry and hard. It will be easy to remove it, right?

That is exactly why it is important to soften the hard ear wax first before using methods to remove it. You can soften the wax with some home remedies and in-office ear wax removal treatments.

We will discuss 3 methods of “how to soften ear wax” in this article along with indications for softening the wax. So, stay tuned!

Part 1: Why Softening Ear Wax is Important?

Here are 3 reasons why professionals suggest you soften the ear wax.

  1. Facilitates the Safe and Gentle Removal of the Ear Wax

Ear wax naturally is soft yellow to brown colored material that becomes hard and dry over time. If you have dry earwax, the wax has likely accumulated over a long time.

Direct removal of such hard wax with a gentle force is not possible and harsh treatment can cause trauma to your ear canal. In contrast, soft wax can be removed safely within a few minutes.

  1. Minimizing the Risk of Damage to the Ear Canal or Ear Drum

Hard wax irritates the ear canal giving you a constant itch and even pain in the ears and makes you stick weird objects like cotton buds in the ears. These objects can damage the ear canal and cause perforation of the eardrum.

Softening the ear wax relieves the symptoms of hard wax and prevents damage to the ears.

  1. Increasing the Efficiency of Ear Wax Removal Treatments

There are two main ways to remove ear wax: home remedies and professional treatment. The home remedies are to remove the wax circles around irrigation and manually remove them.

Similarly, irrigation, micro-suction, and manual removal are under in-office treatments for ear wax removal. Whether you use home remedies or go to a professional to remove the ear wax, it is recommended that you soften the wax beforehand if it is hard.

Soft wax is easy to remove. Thus, softening the ear wax enhances the effectiveness and safety of ear wax removal remedies.

Part 2: How to Soften Ear Wax at Home Naturally? (3 Methods)

Here are 3 home remedies to soften the ear wax.

  1. Using Natural Ear-Wax Softening Solutions

Water or saline solution works for slightly dry ear wax. However, it is not enough to soften the hard wax. You have to use specific solutions to soften the hard wax. An easily available solution for this is the use of natural agents that are present in your home.

These include oils like mineral oil, coconut oil, baby oil, olive oil, and more; glycerine, and saline solution. You have to use these drops in the morning and at night for almost a week to soften the hard wax.

  1. Trying Over-The-Counter Earwax Softening Drops and Sprays

While you can try natural drops that are discussed above to soften the ear wax, commercially available earwax drops and sprays are more efficient and can soften the ear wax in fewer days.

These over-the-counter formulations include

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Carbamide peroxide
  • 10% sodium bicarbonate
  • 2.5% acetic acid

You can make your own solutions by diluting these chemicals as well. Furthermore, the method of using these drops is the same as that of using warm water or saline to soften the wax.

Also, note that OTC earwax softening drops are often used before in-office removal of the ear wax. Therefore, even if you want to go to the doctor for ear wax removal, use these drops a few days before your appointment.

  1. Using Warm Water or Normal Saline

The first thing you can do to soften the dry ear wax is to moisturize it. Warm water or normal saline solution of 9% NaCl in water can be used for this purpose.

You can use it by following these steps,

  • Take a cotton ball that can fit in your outer ear, and make sure that it is not very small, as it might get inside the ear canal.
  • Put it in a bowl of warm water or normal saline.
  • Squeeze out the extra water from the cotton ball.
  • Place it in the outer ear for a few second

The second method of using warm water to soften the ear wax is flushing your ear with a soft bulb syringe.

Part 3: Alternative to Softening of Ear Wax

Earwax is softened to facilitate its removal from the ears either naturally by the movements of the jaw or through irrigation of the ear canal. However, in some cases, both fail to remove the earwax, and you need another manager.

Therefore, you can use the Bebird Note Pro 5 Ear Wax Removal Camera in case of stubborn ear wax. Here are some of the features of the Bebird ear wax removal camera that make it worth your money.

  1. High-Resolution Camera Offering Live View of the Ear

Bebird Note Pro 5 ear wax removal tool features a 10-megapixel camera that provides live lag-free video of your ear in a clear resolution, allowing you to manage the earwax under vision, just like professional otoscopes.

Thus, you can see the parts of the ears where wax is present and remove it safely without poking ear buds blindly in the ear canal.

  1. Precise Accessories

Looking at the wax won’t remove it automatically, right? Therefore, Bebird ear wax removal tools come with several soft silicon spoons that can scoop out the wax from the ears. Not to mention, the precise tweezers that get stuck in the deeper parts of your ear.

  1. Soft Silicon Covers

One of the reasons why Bebird can become your go-to tool for the safe and gentle removal of wax is all thanks to the soft silicone covers that are present along with the accessories of the Bebird ear wax camera. These covers prevent any harsh treatment and, thus, damage to the ear.

  1. Ability to Take Images

At times, your ears have more symptoms than experienced in dry wax. These symptoms can signify a serious health disorder like infection, a swimmer’s ear, Menier’s disease, and more.


To differentiate between ear wax and other diseases of the ear, you can take pictures of your ear canal with a Bebird ear camera and consult a professional by showing these pictures.

  1. 3-in-1 Usage

While Bebird Note Pro 5 is famous as an ear wax removal tool, it can also be used to examine and treat a few diseases of the nose and throat. You can see if you have a sinus infection, sore throat, or abnormal nasal discharge with Bebird.

Additionally, it can help you remove the foreign bodies from the nose, ear, and throat of your children. Therefore, the Bebird camera is a versatile tool that helps you get rid of the problems of 3 organs.


You must be aware of how irritating it is to have hard wax in the ears and how it urges you to put Q-tips in them. However, such objects are of no help when it comes to cleaning the ears. Rather, you have to soften the wax and then try some home remedies to remove the earwax.

Furthermore, the Bebird 3-in-1 camera can prove to be a gentle solution for excessive ear wax. Remember that you have to get checked at an ENT clinic in cases where symptoms are more than discomfort, pain, and reduced hearing.

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