How to Make the Treadmill Fun


Don’t avoid the treadmill. Here are four tips to make the treadmill fun.

Do you avoid walking because you know you will get bored on the treadmill or around a track? We get it! 

Walking outside in your neighborhood or local nature preserve has the best impact on our wellness (and it is beautiful), but it’s not always possible. 

One meta-analysis reports: Physical activity in a natural outdoor environment has been associated with reduced negative emotions and fatigue, increased energy (Bowler et al., 2010Thompson Coon JB et al., 2011), improved attention, as well as greater satisfaction, enjoyment and a greater intent to repeat the activity (Bowler et al., 2010).” 

If you can walk outdoors, that’s usually best; you can engage your five senses, soak in the beauty of nature, connect with the Creator, and see other people and animals.

But what can you do if you get bored walking indoors? How can you make the treadmill fun?

Here are four ideas to lay aside the dread and find joy on the treadmill: 

Make It A Game

Try to beat your distance record or increase your pace.

Add a friend to your walking app and engage in some friendly competition.

Find a brain game to play while you walk to distract you.

Make A Connection

Meet up with a friend at the gym and find two treadmills next to each other.

Leave your friend a voice text or Marco Polo.

Take the time to pray or worship and connect with God.

Maybe even introduce yourself to someone else who is walking nearby.

Make It Productive

Brain dump all the things you need to get done into a voice note.

Listen to an audiobook or audio Bible.

Memorize Scripture.

Catch up on some podcasts.

Call someone and hold each other accountable.

Make It A Sacred Space

Notice your breathing. Invite God to meet you in the silence.


Release all the heavy things you’re holding.

Pay attention to your body. Feel your feelings.

Write a Scripture verse on a notecard and pray through it while you walk. 

how to make the treadmill fun

Kelly Hallahan is a Revelation Wellness Instructor (Platoon 26). She and her husband, Josh, have almost been married 20 years, and they have four kids: Caleb (17), Seth (15), Elizabeth (10), and Rebekah (8), and their new puppy, Zazu. She was a missionary in Uganda for nine years. She currently ministers to students at Asbury University. She loves to invite friends to come work out in her garage and take hikes with her family.

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