#903 Rebekah Lyons Shares Four Daily Rhythms for Resiliency and Well-Being


In this Episode

  • May spotlights mental health awareness, and we’re so excited to have speaker, podcaster, and advocate Rebekah Lyons share her journey and the daily practices she uses for resilience and well-being.

    In this episode, Rebekah shares about her first panic attack, struggling with depression, and how walking became a way back to health. She also shares why daily rhythms help build everyday resiliency.

    Rebekah is passionate about cultivating a community that is committed to resiliency practices. She’s a national speaker and podcast host of Rhythms of Rest, and one of her passions is walking! 

    She’s even training with us in the Love-Paced Race because, as you’ll hear, walking outside is a daily practice that can help you become more resilient. 

Meet Rebekah Lyons

Rebekah is a national speaker, podcast host, and bestselling author. her latest book, Rhythms of Renewal reveals her battle with anxiety and depression and invites others to discover their boldly pursue their God-given purpose. 

You can learn more about Rebekah and grab a copy of her latest book at:

Come Train at the Speed of Love with Us!

Sign-ups open May 14 to come train for the Love-Paced Race! These incredible leaders are keeping you company as you train for a 5K, 10K, half or full-marathon. Get all the information here: Love-Paced Race 

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“Thank you for this podcast. It has been such a blessing in my discipling of others and myself. I listen to it every time I take my dog for a walk and it’s the best part of the day. The ‘rev the word’ episodes are my favorite. The gift that Alisa has to teach matches my learning style and I am just so grateful.”

— review by by Solid Strength on 1/6/24

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