#891 Confused About How to Study the Bible? Start Here with Aaron Brewer


In this Episode

Are you confused about how to study the Bible? Aaron Brewer, our production director and podcast favorite, is taking over the mic today to bring a practical, fresh approach to studying the Bible.

As a former pastor and Bible student, Aaron boldly claims that studying the Bible won’t transform your life, but practicing it will.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • – A helpful blueprint to begin studying the Bible
  • – An understanding of universal and immutable truths
  • – Why Bible translations matter and the three types of translations
  • – Free resources such as YouVersion and  The Blueletter Bible App
  • – A practical exercise to get started
  • What questions should you be asking 

– You can also walk through the FREE Wellness Revelation 40-Day Journey on YouVersion.

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