11 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram Free in 2024 – How to Increase My Instagram Followers?


Are you a beginner and wanted to get more following for your Instagram Profile? This is the right page for you. Here is the information about it with a neat explanatory content. Do you feel getting real Instagram followers is a tough task? Of course, it is difficult for beginners (if you’re not a popular person). But don’t worry, we are here with the best tactics to increase real followers on Instagram.

As we all know that Instagram rapidly outgrew its first perception as a comic for kids and it has become a significant content marketing, networking and audience building for brands, selling, promoting brands or services for business growth.

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Instagram is the most famous social media networking platform out of all sites on the planet, count of more than 200 million active users monthly and 1.6 billion likes per day for the 60 million shared images. Is it not a huge number?

Of course, Yes? But this is an average number so imagine how much competition is going on between user to user. Hence, your work should talk about you to gain followers for your Instagram Account.

As of now, Instagram has more than one billion active users and off the charts user engagement levels. 80% of business accounts or actively participating in Instagram, it looks like marketers can be smarter even more to get familiar with Instagram for their business.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are using Instagram for your own personal account or business. The only matter is good to reach and attention for your content & posts. So, we find out the 10 best tips for you all to grow a real and relevant audience on Instagram.

Are you ready to check out the best 11 proven ways to get a real following on Instagram in 2024? If yes then, go ahead with the below modules.

10 Surefire Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers in 2024

Here is the list of 10 best actionable ways to boost your IG followers’ engagement and also to gain a real Instagram audience for your profile in 2024:

  1. Post Consistently (at least once a day)
  2. Try videos, live videos, and Stories
  3. Research and Use Quality Hashtags
  4. Write longer captions on your posts
  5. Collaborate with others like Influencers
  6. Use Instagram Stories & Geotagging feature
  7. Engage your Fans with your Unique Style
  8. Host contests & Utilize the most Call-to-action!
  9. Do Cross-Postings on your other Social Networks
  10. Make Your Instagram Followers Happy
  11. Other tactics to Gain More (Real!) Followers on Instagram

1. Post Consistently (at least once a day)

One visual marketing tool Tailwind examined above 100,000 Instagram profiles in 2017 in order to know how posting rate affects followers’ growth and engagement.

As per the outcome after their study, Insta profiles that posted at least one per day and seven per week will gain more followers and get more likes compared to those posts which are posted less frequently.

If you post consistently on Instagram then you will see a positive impact on your posts. For branding, the regular flow of Instagram posts is the best approach to see the best outcomes.

Post Consistency is the key element to gain more attraction from your audience for your posts on Instagram. If you share posts on a regular basis and it may get good engagement, then the Instagram algorithm will recognize your posts and place it at the top of your followers’ feed. So, follow this useful tip and do postings every day at least one and gain more followers for your IG profile.

Are you confused about When is the best time to post on Instagram? Then, get the detailed info with the help of the link provided here.

2. Try IGTV Videos, Live Videos, and IG Stories

Well, Instagram developed new features by keeping the latest technologies into consideration and assisting people to grow their followers easily. Though it was started as a photo-sharing platform, features like IGTV Videos, Live chats, and Stories are rapidly increasing the users’ attention towards the app.

IGTV Video for Instagram to increase followers

So, focus on these Live videos and IGTV videos to get real Instagram followers and likes for your posts & stories. These kinds of benefits will really helpful for branding. People can create interesting videos with unique content about their brand and make their fans engage with the brand and also grow their following.

Below are the few effective reasons to try posting with these new content styles:

  • The growth of average engagement for images is lesser than the videos. It means people are even more interested in videos rather than images.
  • Going live means welcoming your followers to interact with you for some time. If you go live on Instagram, you will appear directly at the starting of the stories feed.
  • The count of people using Instagram Stories is increasing rapidly every day. As per the study, more than 400 million persons utilize Instagram Stories for better engagement. ‘
  • More than 50% of the top and moderate brands trust that stories have been “very effective” as a part of their social media strategy.

3. Research and Use Right & Niche Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can help you a lot to reach your audience and increase more followers on Instagram. It’s tough to research and choose the correct Instagram Hashtag for branding. So, people need to think creatively and apply hashtags for their posts.

Also, Instagram recognizes the trending hashtags based on your search and helps you to pick any of the popular hashtags to increase your Instagram followers. Even you can research & use relevant & trending IG hashtags that are taken from the free hashtag generator tools for your Instagram Posts.

At the time of posting Instagram permits for a max. of 30 hashtags per post, but TrachMaven discovered that nine tags look like the optimal number to gain the maximum engagement & following. So, look for plenty of relevant hashtags and select the best one out from those tags and utilize them on your posting to get more followers on IG.

Moreover, we have prepared the ultimate guide about Instagram Hashtags to Grow your IG followers and User-engagement.

4. Write Longer Captions on your IG Posts & Stories

Are you looking for the best tactic to gain more followers on Instagram? Then, this is the best tactic to implement and let your audience in touch with you. The actionable and organic way to reach real Instagram followers is by writing descriptive longer captions for your posts.

Instagram is all about the visuals with high-quality photography, aesthetic and on-brand photos. But the greatest trend for this year 2024 is authenticity, by using long-form quotes and captions that permit your viewers to know more about you, your brand, and your passion & mission.

If you want a fact behind this tactic then you should know the present average caption length which is doubled more than since 2016, according to some influencer research report.

So, in this decade 2024, our Instagram feeds might be filled with an average caption length of 405 characters, which averages can rapidly become 65-70 words!

Influencers are the best examples of this tactic. So, brands are now taking initiation to use of the trend too – especially at the time of raising awareness for the reasons that they stand for.

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5. Collaborate with others like Influencers

Collaboration is the best way to increase your Instagram reach and grow Instagram followers. Collaboration can be either via partnership or sponsorships with other famous stars or influencers. This tactic is a great one for all business Instagram users.

If you can invest more amount of penny for social media sponsorship, then influencer marketing can be the best possible way for you to gain reach & grow followers. You can choose any one of the influencers like from micro-influencer or top influencers, it depends on your brand and benefits that you offer influencers.

6. Use Instagram Stories & Geotagging feature

Do you agree that Instagram stories are rapidly increasing in popularity, to above 400 million users every day? Most of the people reported that they love viewing insta stories more than the scrolling their Instagram feed😉 so be more creative with your IG stories and experience your followers behind the scenes and tell them the most exciting parts of your day.

Use Instagram stories with more features like question stickers, poll stickers, location, hashtags, quirky GIFs and latest ones is music. You can explore more with the most interesting filter effects and boomerang effects. Stories are a fantastic way to begin the engagement with your followers and explore in a deeper way.

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The most amazing part of Instagram is geotagging your posts with a particular place or city. If you geotag it then the other users who have used the same geotag can view your photo too so they may potentially follow you since you have a common point and perception. 😉

If you confused to geotag your photos then you can use tagging a location instead of that. These both geotagging your photos and Instagram stories will cover maximum engagement and get more followers on Instagram.

7. Engage your Fans with your Unique Style

If you see the Instagram algorithm, the major concern is followers’ engagement when deciding how many users to show a post to.

The more engagement you have per post, the more people will view it in their feed directly.

When you post anything with a unique style them it may have chances to get more engagement beyond what you think. So, be a creative person and design everything in your posts with stylish and impress your followers to engage with you. To reach this point, you need a great practice.

Practice can make you win and here it makes you gain and engage with followers by liking, commenting, & sharing your posts. With more engagement, your posts may even be displayed in the top hashtags posts or in the explore tab, so it reaches even more people and potentially get real followers on Instagram.

8. Host Contests & Utilize the most Call-to-action!

One of the most gaining factors that you should consider while posting about your branding content is creating a Contest post. If you host contest posts than you will surely increase your reach on Instagram and it tends to get more new followers. For example, you could invite your viewers to tag your friends and win some exciting takeaways from you after participating in the contests.

By using posting the contest related posts on Instagram, you may reach other people too along with your followers and they may get to know about your brand. So, you can also gain some audience from the contests posts on Instagram.

Along with the contest posts, you can even utilize the call to action prompts to revert your existing followers and new followers and gain attract some of them with your other branding posts and make them follow your account for more updates about your brand.

9. Do Cross-Postings on your other Social Networks

Also, one more proven way to get a real following for your IG Profile is cross-posting on other social accounts. At last, ensure that your fans should know that you’re active on Instagram via cross-posting. As you are using an amazing and user-friendly Instagram platform where it makes simple to share your posts on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, that can be the best tactic to gain some additional exposure.

You can understand how great is cross-posting by reading this next line. As per the study of Buzzsumo, More than one billion Facebook posts from three million brand pages discover that photo posts on Facebook through Instagram attain more engagement compared to natively published images. So, did you get your answers to your questions?

Moreover, you can try embedding Instagram images in your blog posts or add the Instagram feed to your Facebook page for some extra discovery. Use this tactic and experience the huge following on Instagram.

10. Make Your Instagram Followers Happy

This is the most crucial part you must concentrate while working on your insta engagement. Nothing but making your existing followers happy and observe the results in audience growth. All the above tactics are the best ones to help you make your Instagram followers happy. So the last thing you want to do is look needy, robotic or sales-driven.

How to Instagram Followers in Short Time

Always attempt to manage your IG Account with good thoughts and place it on your post content for your followers because they were your friends on your personal feed. Instagram never keeps dot to its growth so make use of all these tips and trending updates to get followers and increase your brand reach.

Social media is a very powerful marketing platform, so drive to build real & great audiences and get more eyes on your content.

Not only these 10 tactics can assist you to gain more followers, you even can check the following module ie., how to get more followers on Instagram?

11. How to Gain More (Real!) Followers on Instagram? (Other Tips)

If you want to increase your Instagram account followers with real & authentic people, then you must read the following points to get more followers on Instagram:

How to Gain More Real Instagram Followers in Short-Time

How to Gain More (Real!) Followers on Instagram? (Other Tips)

  1. Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag

    Cross-promote your devoted hashtag on all your social media accounts, emails, and on your website.

  2. Be More Creative with hashtagging

    Get crazy and innovative with your hashtags. Never be boring with your hashtags, create funny, outrageous, or ironic tags to attract the real audience.

  3. Participate in massively popular conversations

    Research for the locally relevant and trending hashtags. Also, join the group conversations to get more people who are real for your IG account.

  4. Create the most impressive Instagram Bio URL

    Make the most interesting Instagram Bio URL and use your IG Bio link to drive traffic to all your old and newest content on Instagram.

  5. Get descriptive with your IG Captions

    Write Narrative Captions on your Insta posts or stories to engage people. A Good Storytelling Instagram Captions will aid you to generate more engagement and sharing.

  6. Go all in on Influencer Marketing & Interact with Influencers

    Communicate with top influencers or micro-influencers and try to get into their space and become one of their favorite brand or people.

  7. Remove unwanted tagged photos of you from your profile

    Don’t need a tagged photo of you or your brand on your Insta profile? Edit Tags to conceal images from your IG account.

  8. Approve photo tags before the display on your profile.

    Modify your settings from time to time so any potential awkward tagged pictures won’t display in your profile without your approval.

  9. Promote your own Unique Instagram Style

    Compose your own recognizable and unique style of content and images. Discover what your audience is liking most to visit your profile again and do those things to stand out your IG Account and increase your followers.

  10. Get Local & Exhibit All Activities with Geotagging

    Must focus on local activities, that’s possible only when you visit the places tab and watch the happening things around you, and a city you’re aiming in ads or an incident in a specific location.

  11. Memorize your Call to Action!

    Use appropriate ‘call to action’ prompts to tell people about what you want them to do with your Instagram posts and stories. Also, discover other important and useful ways to gain people to share your content on their profiles.

FAQs on How to Get Real Instagram Followers in 2024

1. How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes?

 2. How to increase followers on Instagram for business?

If you follow these 10 simple steps prominently then you can easily get or increase Instagram followers for business accounts too:

1. Promote Your IG on Your Other Networks
2. Use Popular Hashtags
3. Monitor Hashtags
4. Add Video Content
5. Optimize Your Brand Page
6. Post Consistently
7. Follow + Like + Comment
8. Explore Influencer Marketing
9. Use Geotagging
10. Run Giveaway Contests

3. How to get more followers on instagram free?

There are so many online platforms specifically designed for Instagram users to get followers and likes, which means you can grow your Instagram followers freely without any application. It gives a free trial for every new account to get free Instagram followers with no password.

Wrapping Up

Give your feedback about the above tactics to grow more real Instagram followers via the comment section below and also share your Instagram experiences or your own tips to gain authentic followers on Instagram with us so we can post them for our website users as real-time experiences.

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