How To Stay Fit, When You Don't Have Time

How To Stay Fit, When You Don’t Have Time

Daniel Island HIIT Class

Sarah and I spent last week in San Francisco.

I was working, but we also had the opportunity to meet our beautiful new niece, Adeline (the first child of her Sarah’s youngest sister, Emily — pictured, right).

emmy-and-adiIt was a great trip, but the combination of travel + my rigorous work schedule made it hard to workout.

Fortunately, I remembered something that a personal trainer had once shared with me: “It’s a lot easier to stay fit, then get fit again.”

In other words, even if the conditions aren’t perfect, do your best to make some kind of workout, any kind of workout, happen.

This week, I was able to squeeze in one breath-taking morning run in Sonoma (picture above), but most mornings I spent on the hotel treadmill.

They weren’t great workouts, but it was enough to keep my energy and endurance up while I was away from the studio.

As we enter this very busy last six weeks of the year, it will be easy to make excuses to not get your workout in.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your workout to accommodate your schedule/needs, just don’t let it go entirely. Remember, you can “find your fit” anywhere.

See you at the studio!