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How To Stay Fit For The Holidays

Daniel Island HIIT Class

We were so thankful to have over 30(!) people join us for “Turkey Tabata” on Thanksgiving morning. We saw lots of familiar faces, as well as a few guests from out of town. It made it clear that people are really focused on how to stay fit for the holidays!

Needless to say, by the end of the workout everybody had earned the right to a big turkey dinner!

That said, despite the great numbers on Thanksgiving, we know it becomes increasingly hard to stay fit for the holidays.

The sun sets earlier, holiday parties occupy calendars, and delicious food and drink seems to be everywhere we turn…making it harder to say “no” to the snacks and “yes” to the workout.

Recognizing how hard this can be, here are a few ideas on how to stay “Fit for the Holidays:”

(1) Schedule It.

Put your workouts on your calendar at the start of the week and stick to them. (Show up late to the cocktail party if you have to!)

(2) Find An Accountability Partner.

Grab a friend, spouse, sibling, and/or co-worker…a partner to help you ensure that all of the progress you’ve made this year doesn’t get lost in a sea of egg nog and Christmas cookies.

(3) Recognize The Domino Effect.

It’s a vicious cycle; the less you work out, the more likely you are to eat and drink poorly. If you can make exercise part of every day, you’ll be more inclined to eat and drink in a way that your body will thank you for come January! It doesn’t have to be hard to stay fit for the holidays!

Sound good?

Then eat planks, and be merry! 🙂