Make The Most Of Your Dash

Make The Most Of Your “Dash”

Daniel Island Strength Training

Our community recently came together celebrate the life of Johnny Slick, son of our beloved instructor and friend, Kara. He had such a great dash!

It was a beautiful and moving tribute to a young man who passed away unexpectedly but, in just 15 short years, touched countless lives with his energy, sense of humor and friendship.

In his comments, Johnny’s high school football coach reminded all in attendance of a simple truth: “in life, as in football, the only thing you can control is your attitude and your effort.”

Throughout the service, friends and family members shared touching stories of Johnny’s “relentlessly positive” attitude and out-sized effort.

As I listened, a simple thought repeated in my mind: “This young man made the most of his short life…am I making the most of mine?”

How about you? Are you making the most of your short time? How do you know?

If you, like me, realize that you could be doing more, here’s the good news: we can start today.

Today is a perfect opportunity to start fresh; to take that first step towards becoming the person we want to be, that we are supposed to be.

What will your “first step” be?

Mine: Re-engaging with a beautiful and inspiring non-profit that I had been working hard to support, but have spent less time on following the launch of Fit Culture.

If you need any help figuring out your first step, email The entire FC coaching team is here to help.