The Secret To Growth and Strength? Learning "Lean" | The Lean Startup

The Secret To Growth and Strength? Learning “Lean” | The Lean Startup

Daniel Island HIIT Class

Did you know that before becoming the most famous of photo-sharing apps, Instagram was a location-sharing platform called “Burbn”?

Did you know that the phenomenon we know as YouTube actually started out as a dating website?

And did you know that Groupon, the wildly successful discount coupon platform started as “The Point” – an app to help organize/drive social change?

The lesson from these, and other stories of successful startups: even the best companies rarely get it “right” from the start.

Instead, they seek to learn, fast.

They work hard to quickly determine what their customers want / need and then they make the necessary tweaks and changes to maximize the value they create.

This rapid learning methodology is called “Lean Startup” and has been used by entrepreneurs around the world to effect change.

At Fit Culture we live “lean” too! 🙂 and fully believe in the lean startup!

Sarah and I are constantly learning…working diligently to better understand how the studio can more effectively meet your needs for health, vitality and connection.

In that spirit, we regularly roll out new classes created by our world-class instructors to help you stay inspired to “find your fit.”

This learning process gets us really excited. We hope you love it, too. Thank you, as always, for helping us to learn quickly and make Fit Culture a greater source of energy, positivity and health on Daniel Island.

See you at the studio!