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Group fitness in a class by itself.

We believe that the right class, the right environment, the right message, at the right time can change your life. Every one of our classes has been carefully cultivated to refresh your body, focus your mind and lift your spirit. Explore, experiment and find the “fit” that works best for you.

HIIT The Barre

Kickboxing Daniel Island

This isn’t your average barre workout: cardio intervals combine with muscle-scuplting barre moves making it one of the best 45-minute workouts you can do, barre none. After the sweat, we’ll spend some time stretching.


Kickboxing Daniel Island

All Levels

Barre is a total body workout that combines elements of traditional ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Designed to be “low impact,” the workout emphasizes neutral spinal alignment while utilizing small controlled movements, large functional movements and powerful holds to create strength and length in the body. This class is designed to challenge all ages and ability levels, whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting out.

Vinyasa Yoga

Kickboxing Daniel Island

All Levels

A mindful, flowing 60-minute class that focuses on breathing, flexibility and core strength. The instructor will offer modifications for more advanced students making this class relevant for both new and experienced practitioners. Expect to build core and muscular strength, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and develop better balance.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing Class Daniel Island

All Levels

A rigorous, full-body interval training class designed to build strength and aerobic conditioning. Using moves common to boxing and kickboxing, this fun, high-energy, high-intensity workout will help you build core strength, increase endurance and improve your coordination and balance.

Cardio Dance

Daniel Island Group Fitness

This explosive workout is all about the hottest, current dance moves choreographed to the hottest beats, with some Boot Camp exercises mixed in! Let go of all inhibitions and let the nightclub-like sounds move you.