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Group fitness in a class by itself.

We believe that the right class, the right environment, the right message, at the right time can change your life. Every one of our classes has been carefully cultivated to refresh your body, focus your mind and lift your spirit. Explore, experiment and find the “fit” that works best for you.

Buns & Guns

Daniel Island HIIT Class

This class is designed to sculpt chiseled arms and glutes quickly and efficiently.

Tabata Boot Camp

Kickboxing Daniel Island

“Tabata” Boot Camp is an interval training workout that rotates between 20 seconds of high-intensity training (e.g. pushups, squats, burpees, dips, etc.) and 10 seconds of rest. Developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata, it’s efficient and satisfying way to build aerobic and anaerobic capacity and strength.

Core & Conditioning

Pilates Daniel Island

The cardio and core workout you’ve been asking for! Core work focused on building abdominal and lower back muscles PLUS alternating strength training and cardio circuits. May include plyometrics, sprints and calisthenics.

Power Yoga

Kickboxing Daniel Island

This Power Yoga Class is not your typical yoga. With the use of music and a fast-paced fun flow, the classes are designed for you to counter balance all other sports and leave the mat inspired to take on more of what life has to offer. Come ready to sweat, stretch and connect!

Pilates Stick

Kickboxing Daniel Island

Pilates Stick is a dynamic workout that improves balance, muscle-tone and core strength. This class offers 30+ unique exercises and is a perfect complement to traditional barre and pilates mat classes.