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Group fitness in a class by itself.

We believe that the right class, the right environment, the right message, at the right time can change your life. Every one of our classes has been carefully cultivated to refresh your body, focus your mind and lift your spirit. Explore, experiment and find the “fit” that works best for you.

Pilates TRX

The Pilates TRX class begins with the fundamentals of Pilates. First, warming up the body through breath, proper alignment and core support, we then explore different planes of movement using the TRX suspension straps. Developed by The Navy Seals, TRX suspension training utilizes your own body weight and gravity allowing for full range movement and deep core conditioning. Like Pilates, TRX exercises improve overall functional fitness, developing greater strength, balance, flexibility and core stability, making them the perfect match. This class can be modified to any fitness level. All levels welcome! Please wear sneakers.


Power is a class for anyone wanting to take their strength training to the next level. This class is designed for anyone who’s plateaued or wants to practice lifting heavier weights. In Power you’ll do less reps in a slower paced format so that you can increase the weight your lifting in a safe, controlled way. You’ll also learn some new moves. NIFTY!


Metabolic Conditioning or “MetCon” is a type of high intensity interval training designed to improve the storage and delivery of energy by engaging the body’s metabolic system. This class is for all levels, from a beginner to the accomplished athlete because the basic (and effective) exercises are highly modifiable. Using your own body weight and various cardio bursts (think Tabata), you’ll love the efficiency of this workout because of how it revs up your metabolism and burns serious calories.

HIIT Boot Camp

Kickboxing Daniel Island

“HIIT” (High Intensity Interval Training) Boot Camp is an exercise strategy in which you alternate between periods of intense activity and periods of recovery in order to build strength, burn fat and improve cardiovascular endurance. You will use weight-bearing and resistance exercises to work major muscle groups. Get ready to sweat!

Buns & Guns

Daniel Island HIIT Class

This class is designed to sculpt chiseled arms and glutes quickly and efficiently.